10 Best inexpensive and easy ways to winterize home

Most of you have started preparing for winters. Right? Well, for those still thinking how to prepare a home for the winter, this article is for you.

Winter is knocking at the door. So, it’s the right time to indulge into winter home makeovers. The best part is, neither you require professionals to winterize your home nor you have to spend big bucks on it. With the help of few simple changes, you can be an ace at winterizing your home.

Go through this checklist and unveil some simple ways to prepare home for winters without breaking the bank:

1. Use door snakes

Not real snakes obviously! These are stuffed fabric pieces in the shape of snakes used to keep air from escaping and entering the house.

Instead of spending 10 to 20 dollars on standard weatherstripping products, lay these at the base of your door to cover the gaps.

The best part is, door snakes are not only affordable, but you can make them yourself with leftover fabrics.

2. Close the fireplace damper

Once your fireplace has cooled down close the fireplace damper. This will prevent air from entering and escaping your house through the chimney.

3. Set temperature of thermostat manually

Save big bucks on your energy bills by setting the temperature of your thermostat manually during day and night.

Even if you feel chilly after changing the temperature of the thermostat put on your warm clothes.

4. Clean furnace filters and baseboard heaters

Dirty furnace filters and baseboard heaters will lower the efficiency and raise your utility bills.

So, clean your filters and heaters on regular basis and save good amounts of money on energy bills.

5. Call energy company for free review

Contact your energy company and check out whether or not it’s providing free energy evaluation. If it’s providing such services, utilize them to find out leaks and improve your home’s heating and cooling system.

Or, search online for free energy assessments.

6. Seal unused rooms

Cut costs of your heating bills by sealing irregularly used or unused rooms during winters. By doing so, you’ll save a nice amount of money in the long run.

You can use this idea to places where you spend less time like the bathroom.

7. Replace light summer drapes with thick curtains

Thick curtains will restore the warmth of the rooms during chilly winter months. Remember, the thicker the better.

You can also keep your room warmer by using insulated curtains.

These are helpful in preventing heat loss from the windows. Plus, it’s the easiest way to control heating bills.

8. Talk to the person at your local home improvement store

These individuals will provide you expert tips for free. If you’re in talking terms with the person at your local home improvement store, seek his/her guidance. He/she can enlighten you while picking up home improvement tools like insulation materials and other supplies.

9. Utilize weatherization assistance

Under certain circumstances for example, if your household is home to one or more disabled members or individuals over 60 years of age, it’s eligible to receive weatherization services.

Through this federal program, you can save approximately $6,500 on energy-related home improvements tasks.

10. Read a good book on home winterization

It’s okay if you’re relying on YouTube videos for some DIY home winterization instructions, but don’t overlook the good old books. A good quality book on home winterization is more authoritative than online videos.

You can also borrow home winterization books from your local library and photocopy the pages that you need.

As you can see, home makeovers during winter isn’t a big stink. You just have to take some smart moves and plan accordingly.

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