Is it very hard to overcome the fear of public speaking?

I have recently come across an article where I found that as per the Wall Street Journal, public speaking is the number one fear of the people. People are afraid of many things – some are afraid of heights, some are afraid of adventurous sports, etc. However, these fears may not affect a person’s career growth or social mixing. However, fear of speaking in public may compel a person to change his/her career. One may not be an excellent speaker, but everyone should be able to convey his/her thoughts in front of public.

So, I thought of sharing some tips, which may help all of us to speak in public and convey our thoughts clearly.

Don’t be nervous about your nervousness

Will you be astonished if I say that little nervousness is actually good? It’s true. Nervousness leads to adrenaline flowing in our body, which is a form of energy. So, it actually helps you in performing well in front of your public.

Don’t try to be perfect

It is good to be perfect but don’t expect of being perfect all the time. So, appreciate yourself instead of criticizing yourself at every mistake you make while speaking in public. Always remember that even experienced speakers make mistakes.

Don’t try to memorize each and every word

If you’re not reciting a poem, then it’s not necessary to remember each and every word. Memorizing each and every word only increases your stress and nervousness.

Don’t read word for word from a script

First of all, remember there’s a difference between reading and speaking. Speaking is creating a connection with your audience. You need to create an impact with your content and personality. So, be aware of your content and keep it as a reference of what you’re going to say.

Practice your speech loud

Practicing your speech loud, that is, speaking to an imaginative audience, will help you space out your talking and also encode it in your long-term memory. This will also help you practice your transitions as well.

Memorize the sequence of your slides

Memorizing the slides will make you more confident in front of your audience. When you know what slide is coming next, you can announce the slide and look more in control.

Be prepared with the answers

Many of you might have the anxiety of answering questions. However, if you are prepared with the answers, that is, you know the answers, then, you can confidently answer them.

Final word – Take a deep breath and tell yourself that “you’re the best”. With this confidence, go and deliver your speech and enjoy every moment you speak!

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Tips to buy 6 essential cosmetics

Being a woman, I can’t live without cosmetics. I know most of you will agree with me. But, when I was young and didn’t have experience much, I used to think “How can I buy the right cosmetics?” However, with experience and internet searching, I now know certain tips to buy the right cosmetics and choose the right colors for me.

Today, I thought of sharing with you some of my tips to buy cosmetics.

  1. Foundation – It is always better to try out the shade on your forehead instead of trying in hand. It will help you buy one that is closest to your complexion. Moreover, try out whether warm color or cool tones suit you.
  2. Lipsticks – An essential cosmetic which we use on regular basis. I have found that the long-wear formulas sometimes dry out lips. So, know that while searching for lipsticks.
  3. Lipliner – I personally like lip liners as they help me outline the lips. Instead of buying one for every lipstick, sometimes, I use a brush and create a line with my lipstick itself.
  4. Eye shadow – You should have at least to palettes of eye shadows – one in nude shade and other in bright colors. Usually, you can apply the bright colors in the night when you want smoky look.
  5. Mascaras – Usually, it’s better to not use a black eyeliner during daytime unless you really want the dramatic effect. Buy one mascara that lengthens lashes. And, apply a coat of powder before applying the second coat of mascara.
  6. Blusher – Have at least two colors – a nude one for the day and a shimmery one for the night. It is better to use powder blushes as they’re easier to blend.

Along with buying cosmetics, be careful while buying brushes. You need different types of brushes to apply make-up rightly. For example, an angular brush and a wide brush are essential for eyes and blusher respectively. Similarly, you should’ve proper brush for applying foundation.

Let me know if these tips are valuable to you…

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Credit score – What factors don’t influence your credit score?

In my last blog post, I discussed the factors that the FICO credit scoring model considers to compute your credit score. There are 5 factors which the credit bureaus consider to compute your score. However, many of you have certain misconceptions regarding the factors that can influence your score. Here’s list of the factors which don’t influence your credit score.

Your age

The FICO credit scoring model doesn’t consider your age to compute your score. However, the length of your credit history is an important consideration to compute your score.

Your address

Where you live is also not taken into consideration.

Your race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin

All these factors are not responsible for your high or low credit score. Actually, US law prohibits these factors to consider while calculating your credit score. So, even if you’re not a US citizen or permanent resident, then even you can achieve a high credit score, provided you have a valid SSN.

Your occupation, salary, date of employment, employment history, etc.

Your occupation related information do not affect your credit score directly. All matters is how you manage your financial life with your income.

Certain inquiries

There are 2 types of inquiries – hard inquiry and soft inquiry. Soft inquiries don’t affect your credit report and score whereas, hard inquiries can affect your credit score negatively. An example of a soft inquiry is an employer checking your credit report as a part of background check. A hard inquiry can be a creditor checking your credit report in order to decide whether or not to offer your loan request and if yes, then at what rate of interest.

Apart from above, the following factors also don’t affect your credit score:

    • Information not found in your credit report
    • Information that predicts your future credit performance
    • Whether or not you’ve participated/participating credit counseling of any kind
    • Interest rate charged on a credit card or any other account
    • Items reported as rental agreements or child/family support obligations

Having a clear idea regarding what affects your credit score and what don’t, will help you manage your credit report in a better way. Along with this, you also need to check and monitor your credit reports regularly, so that you can monitor it well, dispute inaccurate items and establish a positive credit history.>/p>

I will discuss about this in my upcoming blogs.

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