Do you think it is impossible to make your home clutter-free?

Are you like me who always struggle to make a  place for things in order to keep your home clutter-free? Yes, I know, after a hard day’s work, it always feels nice to come back to a home, where everything is in proper place and you don’t have to struggle to remember where you kept it or to find out a stuff. However, I admit it’s not an easy task; at the same time, it’s not impossible too.

Check out the following tips. I think it’ll help you to organize your house.

Remove excess things

Many a times, we complain about less amount of storage space. However, we fail to realize that our storage spaces are actually full of items we no longer require. So, look into the drawers and closets  for unused items. The items, which you’ve not used for past 2 years, you can throw them unless they’re valuable possessions.

Use a rack organizer

Often it becomes difficult to store the papers. To store important documents, you should put them in files or baskets and keep them in a secured place. But there are some other papers like pamphlets, discount coupons, etc., which you can store in a postcard rack organizer.

Label jars in the kitchen

You can save time if you label your jars in the kitchen. You can just look into the jars and pull out the one you require. It will also help you while cooking as sometimes, you suddenly remember to put a certain condiment into the dish you’re preparing.

Designate separate place for items in closet

If you and your spouse/partner share one walk-in wardrobe, then designate different areas to store your individual stuff. Make separate places for your trousers, shirts, dresses, etc. You can store your belts and other knick-knacks in baskets and label them if you’re storing up in the topmost shelf of your closet. You can get many storage ideas if you browse through the internet or in the lifestyle shops.

Make storage places in your bathrooms

You can store a number of things in your bathroom and your kids’ bathrooms as well. A quick and easy way is to buy some baskets. They are really good to store your kids’ small items. In your bathroom, make shelves or cupboards to store your extra towels and toiletries. However, it’s better not to store make-up things as they might get spoilt due to the moisture.

Develop certain habits

Once you’ve designated places for each of your stuff, try to keep those stuff in their places. Try to place your daily-use items in their designated homes. It’s better to keep a place where you can store items, which you can’t put it back to their actual places, every time. However, do not keep on adding junk more than a week. Take out sometime in every 7 days and put back your items in their actual places. This way, not only it’ll be easier for you to keep your home clutter-free, but also you know exactly where to search for an item.

A useful tip – If you have large drawers or shelves in cupboards and you often forget what stuff you’ve stored in them, then write-down in sticky-pads what you’re storing. It is better to write down things you’re storing in a single drawer or a single shelf. This way, even if you have to look for an item, you can just take out things from just one drawer, instead of frantically searching for it in the whole cupboard.

Along with keeping your home clutter-free, these tips will also help you save a lot of time.

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Do you have to skip your breakfast when you’re in a hurry?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, often we skip that due to lack of time or we are on the go. But, remember, “when there’s a will, there’s a way”. So, you shouldn’t skip your breakfast even when you’re in a hurry.

Here are 4 breakfast recipes which you can have fast or can pack them quickly and have it while driving to your destination.


1. Strawberry shake

Strawberry SmoothieStrawberry shake – one of my favorites. I love to have this even when I’m leisurely sitting and watching a television show. You’re thinking it right! Preparing it is also very simple. What you have to do is, take a cocktail shaker, put a packet of strawberry or vanilla instant breakfast powder along with 1 cup of low-fat strawberry milk. Also add strawberries and if you wish, banana for extra fiber. You can also add protein powder if you feel so. Now blend these ingredients well and enjoy a delicious and nutritious strawberry shake. You can pour it in a spill-proof glass and enjoy it while driving to office.


2. Colorful omelet


To make a colorful omelet the next morning, you can chop the ingredients and freeze them in a ziploc bag or in an airtight container overnight. It’ll be easier for you to prepare it in the morning and you can do it in 5 minutes. Chop carrots, red and yellow capsicums, onions, green chilies, spinach along with sausages and store them overnight. In the morning, take a skillet, brush it with oil and pour 2 beaten eggs. Put all the chopped items into the egg and top it with grated cheese – and your colorful omelet is ready. It’s better to carry it in a microwave proof container so that you can have it even after reaching office.


3. Mixed cereals


By the name of cereals, are you wondering, how can you have it in your car? Yes, that’s possible! All you have to do is replace ‘milk’ with ‘yogurt’. Take a container and pour fiber-rich bran flakes or muesli and nuts of your choice. If you wish, you can also put fresh or dried fruits. Sometimes, I also put nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, etc. into the container. Now carry 1 or 2 yogurt packs – flavors of your choice. I usually carry vanilla yogurt. You can also try strawberry yogurt or even chocolate yogurt. Now, when you feel like, just add the yogurt in the container and enjoy your healthy and palatable breakfast.


4. Breakfast burrito


Most of you must be burrito lovers. But, burrito in a breakfast? Yes, it’s possible. Here’s how you can make it. Take a skillet, brush with oil and put 2 egg whites (with egg yolks if you want to have it), ½ cup black beans, vegetables of your choice along with 2 tbsp each of shredded cheese of your choice and salsa (mild or medium as per your choice). Now, wrap this mixture in a whole-wheat tortilla, bunch it and keep it in the freezer. Take it out, microwave it and have it for your breakfast.


I shouldn’t end this post without mentioning another favorite breakfast of mine – the energy bars. They are usually packed with fiber and protein to give you the instant energy boost in the morning. In this, my favorite brands are Atkins, Kellogg’s, Kashi, etc. You can keep just have them in your kitchen and pick one or two when you’re rushing to your office or dropping your children to school.

Please feel free to share your favorite fast breakfast tips or recipe.


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Is it difficult to choose the perfect lipstick shade?

You can rarely find a woman who doesn’t use make-up sometimes, even if not daily. What is your favorite cosmetic? I like eyeliners, kohl pencils the most. However, the second best thing I like are lipsticks. I like to buy different shades of lipsticks. However, I used to find it really difficult to choose the perfect shade(s) for my complexion. But, a friend of mine helped me my giving out certain tips to choose the perfect lipstick shades for me.

Here are some easy tips which can help you choose the perfect lipstick shade(s) which will suit you the best.

Your lip shape

First of all, choose a lipstick as per your lip shape. The ground rule is darker colors make lips look smaller and brighter colors make the lips look bigger. So, choose your lipstick shade accordingly.

Your skin tone

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know that one has to choose a lipstick shade as per the complexion.

Medium complexion:

If you think that you don’t have much choice if you have medium complexion, then you’re wrong. On the contrary, you can experiment with different colors. You can try copper or bronze – they will give you a dramatic look.

Dark complexion:

If your skin color is dark, then red is your color. You can try different wine-colored lipsticks, if you have a cooler undertone. And, if you have a warmer undertone, then try out copper and bronze shades. However, it’s better to avoid orange.

Fair complexion:

It is known to everyone that fair skinned people can choose lighter shades like pinks, nudes, browns, etc. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with brighter colors. Do try bright red and orange during evening parties if it matches with your attire.

How to know whether you have a warm/cool undertone

Knowing your undertone is quite essential to choose a foundation and lipsticks. It’s very simple to know about your undertone. if the veins in your hands appear to be green color, then you have a warm undertone and if they appear to be blue, then you have a cool undertone.

Nowadays, some cosmetic brands mention this in the packaging – whether it’s suitable for warm or cool undertone; so, it can help you choose the right shade for you.

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