Unlock the key to a fabulous shopping experience on this Black Friday!

It’s again that time of the year – shopping time! Don’t think that I don’t go for shopping and save money. Like most of you, I also wait for this time of the year, which marks the beginning of the holiday season. However, with years of practice, I have learned how not to splurge much and make a game plan to pick up things which I need and which are offered at discount rates.

Here’re some of my tips to have a fruitful Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday shopping without having to repent later.

Yes! You guessed it right! Undoubtedly, the first point would be to plan a budget. You first have to decide how much you can spend without hampering your savings goal and without incurring debt. It’s better to set a Christmas budget so that you can decide about the gifts, party, etc. and can make the necessary purchase. This way, you can also avoid impulse purchase.

Do online research and compare prices – A bad thing is a bad thing even if it’s offered free of cost. So, when you decide to buy a product, do your part of research and compare the prices offered at various stores so that you know which item to purchase. Certain dealers often match prices if a product is offered relatively cheaper at some other stores. Also, even if you get a product at the same rate at two stores, one store may offer free home delivery or some other perks.

Set a game plan – If you decide to visit the stores physically, then you need to make a game plan. Remember that Black Friday is not a day for window shopping. You need to chalk out a plan if you really want to take advantage of the offers. You should know that high-demand purchases are limited and you should also know whether or not certain items will be offered at discount rate till a particular time. If required, you may have to queue much before the store opens.

Ask for gift receipts – If you’re buying an item for a gift, make sure you collect gift receipts, where there’s a description of the item without the price mentioned. If you’re gifting someone and he/she doesn’t like the gift, then he/she can return or exchange it without much hassle.

Know about the respective store policies – Do not assume that the things you’re buying can be returned or exchanged. The return deadlines may vary from one store to another. And, an item may be offered at ‘final sale’, which means you can’t return or exchange it. Therefore, make yourself aware of these things, so that you won’t be surprised later.

So, start making your shopping plans from now and share your shopping experience with us.



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How can you enjoy the fall season this time?

So, the most colourful season of the year has come again. The green leaves have changed to bright colorful hues, the warm weather has given way to slightly chilly breezes, and you’re making plans to enjoy this season. I find myself fortunate to live in that part of the nation where I can enjoy the fall colors.

Here are some activities, which you can enjoy this fall season.  

Go for a scenic drive

When the leaves have turned into bright hues of fall, it’s time to enjoy the landscape. So, plan a drive through the woods or spend a day at your nearest park. You’ll love your pictures against the backdrop of copper, yellow, red and orange colors. Check out if any of your nearest parks has ducks whom you can feed. If yes, then carry stale bread and enjoy feeding the ducks along with your kids.

Call your friends for  bonfire

The cooler weather and shorter days is the perfect time to host a bonfire party. You can have an outdoor potluck party and the best opportunity to showcase your music talents beside the bonfire.

Book a camping site

Did you plan for camping during the summers but didn’t get the location of your choice? Here’s your chance to choose your favorite location. There are relatively less number of people in the camping sites during fall; so, there are higher chances that you can reserve your favourite camping site. Moreover, at this time, there are fewer bugs; so, no need to worry about it.

Enjoy mountain biking

The weather hasn’t become that much chilly yet! So, it’s the perfect time to plan a biking ride with your friends and enjoy the landscape before it becomes snow-covered for few months and you can make such plans again.

Knit your own woollen scarf

Even if knitting is not your hobby, you can pick up your favourite fall color wool and knit yourself a beautiful scarf. This is is also a great gift which you can gift your special someone. You can look for fall color collection or mix and match colors as per your choice. I especially like the craft collection in Michael’s, Walmart, etc., which have beautiful fall color collection this time.

Jumping over pile of leaves

Thinking how to keep your kids engaged during the weekends? Don’t clean the leaves at your backyard and make a pile of leaves. Just see the happy faces when they jump in the pile and thank you for the additional encouragement. Wake up the child within you. Jump with your kids and relive childhood.

Why not pick up a new hobby – Photography! There are fewer people who don’t love photography; but, this is the time for those who enjoy more in front of the camera. So, try your hand at selfie now. Along with that, create a fall album with pictures of colourful pumpkins, autumn wildlife, etc.

See how many new things you can discover this fall season and don’t forget to share them with us!

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Layering – The fashion mantra during the Fall season

Layering! A favorite name for every fashionable person, especially during this time of the season – the Fall season. And, if you’re staying in a relatively cold climate, like me, then you’ve already taken out your sweaters, jackets and shopping for the same, and getting ready to face cold, chilly winters.

I just love the layering look. Here, today, I thought of sharing some of my favorite tips on layering.

  • Do you have an oversized sweater? It looks lovely on a skinny jeans. Moreover, when the weather is chilly, I just wear a tight sweater inside and layer it up with an oversized pullover.
  • Ruffled dress on top of jeans and a crew-neck sweater – Just wear this combination once and look at yourself in the mirror. I like the monochromatic look in shades of blue or green. You can also play with prints when wearing this combination.
  • White t-shirt and a noodle strap dress – Instead of wearing just the dress, it can create a completely different look if it’s worn with a t-shirt. I often end up wearing these dresses with a white t-shirt when I’m not sure whether or not it’ll look good with any other color combination.
  • A colorful scarf to catch attention! If you’re staying in a cold region, then you might have taken out your colorful scarfs from your dresser. I use them almost every day. It gives me a cozy, comfortable way and bright colors uplift my mood, too!
  • An all-purpose denim jacket – Denim jackets can be worn on top of almost everything. I see both men women wearing it on top of jeans and even on white, black or colored pants. Apart from looking fashionable, it also makes you comfortable in this weather.

Above all, once one of my friends told that Fall is the time to use colors on face to create the dramatic look with make-up. You can use colorful kohl pencils and don’t hesitate to experiment with bold red and pink lipsticks.

What’s your favorite layering style statement? Share it with us.

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