10 Easiest ways to save money for travel

I want to dedicate this post to people who love traveling, but couldn’t do it due to lack of funds.

I think it’s not that tough to save money for traveling. You just need to find out the financial loopholes and fix them.

Here’s what you can do to save money to meet your traveling expenses:

1. Dedicate a savings account for travel expenses

Keep money in a savings account and use it only for travel costs. It’s the easiest way to save money for vacations. Have ATM access so that you can withdraw money while traveling.

Or, set up an automatic money transfer with your dedicated savings account.

2. Sell items that you don’t need

Take a home tour and find out things that you no longer use. Then sell those items in a garage sale or online shopping portals like Amazon, Ebay or Craigslist. Selling unnecessary things can boost your travel funds.

3. Avoid spending frantically

If you have a habit of buying latest gadgets or newly launched garments, you’re actually wasting money unnecessarily. If you continue purchasing uncontrollably, you wouldn’t be able to save for traveling expenses. Moreover, you’ll hurt your overall financial health in the long run. So, think twice before buying a single item.

4. Save smartly on utilities

You can stack more money by reducing utility bills. For instance, get your cable and internet connections from the same service provider and ask for additional discounts. Or, look for ways to save money on water bills, and so on.

5. Hit the stores with a shopping list

We tend to spend more when we don’t carry a shopping list with us. Never go out of the house without a list. This is not all, you also have to stick to your shopping list and avoid impulsive purchases.

6. Limit your Starbucks visit

If you visit the Starbucks on a daily basis, a certain amount of money goes away from your paycheck toward it. You’re unnecessarily wasting your precious dollars by visiting Starbucks regularly. Even if you do so, find out how you can save money at Starbucks. Or, make your latte at home.

7. Cook your meals at home

This is a surefire way to save loads of money. Whenever you’re cooking meals at home, you’re spending less on restaurant foods and drinks (which are damn expensive). Eating home cooked food is good for both your wallet and health.

8. Make a monthly budget

Budgeting is the best way to save money. If you haven’t drafted a budget yet, do it immediately. You can take the help of a financial planner if you’re unable to make one for yourself. Or, if you already have a budget look for areas to cut down expenses.

Moreover, try to make a realistic budget.

9. Use inexpensive modes of transportation

Maintaining a car is too costly. You have to pay for the insurance, gas, parking, maintenance, and more. Instead of using a car, look for cheaper modes of transportation like opt for public transport or ride a cycle to your work and back home (using a cycle is good for your pocket and health as well), and so on.

10. Earn more money

The more the merrier. I know it’s not a way to save money, but you’ll agree with me that earning more money will help you find extra funds for your dream trip.

Besides your regular job, pick up a part time job like freelancing, babysitting, and so on to earn more.

Remember, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” So, whenever you’re booking hotels or flight tickets, make sure to look for ways to reduce the cost (if possible).

Traveling is pricey, but there are multiple ways to save money if you’re willing to make adjustments in your lifestyle.

Do you know some other ways to save money for traveling? If so, then do leave a comment below.

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10 Things to avoid if you are in debt

You are in debt means you’re financially devastated. At this stage, you need to take extra care of your finances. Moreover, you must stop doing certain things that would worsen your financial health.

Check out few essential things that you must avoid doing when you’re in debt:

1. Neglecting financial issues

You’re in dire monetary condition because you’ve done certain things which are not good for your finances like late bill payments, not saving enough, not creating an emergency and retirement funds, not making a budget, and so on. If you want to get out of debt you should control these financial issues.

2. Spending uncontrollably

Overspending is like a slow poison which will kill your finances with time. Considering your present economic state you should definitely stop spending aimlessly.

Stop spending money on unnecessary and expensive items and create a realistic budget and stick to it. Also, carry a shopping list whenever you’re hitting the stores.

These would control your overspending nature to some extent.

3. Depleting emergency fund

Emergency funds are kept for emergencies only. Don’t consume the money to pay credit card bills or repay debts (these are not emergencies). Instead, find out other ways like ask for a raise to pay back your debts. Emptying the emergency fund for not so emergency purposes would create problems later on.

4. Delaying payments

If you don’t make timely payments on your bills and loans ,you’ll incur more charges such as interests, late payments, penalties and the like. These will balloon your debt faster.

So, never neglect your bills and bank statements. Talk with your creditors about how you can clear your dues without putting much pressure on your wallet.

5. Paying high interests on debts

Debts with high-interest rates will make your outstanding balance grow faster. It’s not a rock hard task to negotiate better interest rates on your dues.

Gather all your financial documents and speak to your creditors about lowering the rate of interest on your debts.

But, this time you must make the monthly payments in full and within the given time. This way, you can save a lot of money on interest payments.

6. Spending without keeping track of expenses

A surefire way to get into debt is to spend without keeping track of expenses. If you want that, go ahead. But, if you want a financial recovery, you must keep an eye on how much you’re spending.

Try to maintain a balance between your income and expenses, and think twice before paying out each penny.

7. Borrowing money

Don’t borrow money when you’re already in debt. By doing so, you can get out of debt faster. So, avoid taking out a loan or borrow from family or friends to repay your debts.

Instead, look for ways like a part-time job to earn more dollars to pay off your dues.

8. Repaying debt without a plan

You need to look at certain matters while paying off debts such as how many debts you have, how much you owe, the status of your accounts (whether current or past due), how much you can afford to pay toward your debts each month, and so on.

If you have a proper debt repayment plan such as snowball or avalanche, it’ll be easier for you to make the payments and stay current on your debts. However, the more pay, the faster you can get rid of your debts.

9. Skip saving

Never think that you cannot save money because you’re in debt. Saving is important as it’ll help you meet other expenses like repair works, medical bills, utility bills, etc. So, never skip saving and try to put the little money that you have in your savings or current accounts.

10. Continue using credit cards

If you’ve got into debt due to your credit cards, stop using them immediately. It won’t do any good, rather it would make the task of debt repayment complicated.

If possible, block the cards for the time being.

However, you can always unblock your cards when you’ve cleared all the dues.

Over to you – Do you know some other things that we shouldn’t do when we’re in debt? If so, then share your thoughts here.

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10 Toxic day-to-day products you must stop using now

When you are trying to go green by consuming organic fruits and veggies and avoiding processed foods, you may not know certain products which you use on a daily basis are putting your health at risk. These things contain carcinogens or cancer causing elements and endocrine disruptors, which may cause reproductive, behavioral and developmental diseases.

Here’s a list of some toxic products you should immediately stop using for the sake of your health:

1. Plastic containers

Most plastic containers are made from chemicals called phthalates, which cause endocrine problems.

You might have seen plastic containers turn cloudy after washing them a few times. It’s because plastics break down with time, which releases chemicals into your food and liquid that you store in them. So, use glass containers, bottles, cups, and bowls to avoid consuming toxic foods and drinks.

2. Nonstick cookware

Nonstick pans and pots are good if you want to use less oil and butter. But, they’re ultimately harmful for your health as they contain a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is seen to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

The chemical may enter your body if the pan’s nonstick surface peels off in your food. Use stainless steel cookwares instead of nonstick cookwares.

3. Air fresheners

Whatever you breathe in, ultimately gets absorbed by your blood. Air fresheners include chemicals and ingredients like phthalates, formaldehyde and phenol which cause skin swelling, peeling, breakouts (when in direct contact with the skin) and even reproductive problems.

Use natural ingredients such as baking soda and white vinegar as air fresheners.

4. Perfumes

There is no doubt that perfumes contain chemical ingredients which aren’t good for the human health (most companies don’t release the list of exact ingredients).

Instead of using colognes and perfumes switch to scents with natural oils.

5. Cosmetics

From lipsticks to shampoos, these products contain more or less chemical ingredients and synthetic fragrances. Go for cosmetics and personal care items with natural oils and mineral-based pigments.

Use soaps and shampoos which are free from chemicals like triclosan and synthetic fragrances.

6. Laundry detergents

Cleaning agents like detergents commonly used in every household consist of formaldehyde, which may cause allergies and asthma.

Moreover, scented dryer sheets in the detergents aren’t any good.

As written in “Researchers have found that dryer vents can emit more than 25 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when scented laundry detergents and dryer sheets are used. Of these 25 VOCs, seven are classified as hazardous air pollutants and can cause interior or exterior air pollution.”

7. Antiperspirants

Another dangerous and most commonly used product on the list.

Most antiperspirants and deodorants use aluminum-based compounds, parabens and other chemical ingredients which affect the human health.

Discard these chemical commodities and use natural products which are chemical and paraben free.

8. Sunscreens

Sunscreens contain chemical components like oxybenzone, octinoxate, retinyl palmitate and fragrances that may cause health issues as they penetrate the skin.

However, the safest sunscreens made up from minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can be expensive. So, try to cover up yourself as much as you can while stepping out in the sun.

9. Toilet cleaners

Cleaning the toilets have become an easy job these days with the help of toilet bowl cleaners. Even if these products have made our job easier, they contain toxic chlorine gas, which if inhaled is hazardous for our respiratory or circulatory systems.

10. Oven cleaners

Like toilet cleaners, oven cleaners like Mr. Muscle and Easy-Off contain chemicals which cause breathing problems, throat swelling, vision loss, abdominal pain, vomiting and the like.

Instead, use natural ingredients like baking soda or vinegar and water to clean your oven.

If you can avoid using these dangerous items, you can save on both money and health at the same time.

Do you know any other everyday products which are hazardous? Share your thoughts with us.

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