5 Tips to find the right job – It is not that difficult

Are you in search of a good job but don’t know where to start from? You have to do some background work to get your dream job.

Here is a guideline to help you find the right job you’ve been waiting for long.

1. Think what you want in your next job

To search a suitable job, at first, you need to have a clear idea that what you want in your next job. So, create a profile that is not much imaginary.

I mean there should be some existence of the profile in the companies you’d be searching for a job.

Write down what you’ve enjoyed in your current and past jobs, and what you want to avoid.

Is maintaining a perfect work-life balance your top priority? If yes, do have it in your mind while thinking of the job profile.

  1. Create a suitable profile

If you create a suitable profile, it will help you identify the attractive positions, which you otherwise may not think about.

List down the elements you want from your current job along with the things you want but are missing in your present job profile.

Think what activities you find are more satisfying to you.

  1. Get yourself noticed in the job market

It is better to take help of a recruiter who can help you find your dream job. Moreover, often the companies take help of search firms to recruit eligible candidates.

However, make sure the search firms don’t influence you to redefine your profile just to meet their target.

  1. Take help of connections – relatives and friends

Often the people in the similar job or sector can recommend better positions. What happens is, sometimes the companies pay existing employees lucrative bonus for candidate referrals, and always such candidates are given more preference.

So, let your connections know that you’re searching a suitable job and discuss with them the profile you’re looking for.

  1. Do not accept each and every job offer that comes your way

If you get a good job offer but that doesn’t meet the requirements of your ideal job, then think twice.

I am not telling you to decline the offer if that’s a good one, and at the same time, not asking you to accept the offer since they’re offering you a better pay package.

If you get such an offer, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and then accept or decline that suits you the best. Also make sure you’’ have job satisfaction, and enjoy doing it.

Moreover, while making the decision, make sure you assess whether or not it will help you move ahead in your career.

Above all, continue your search to find the right job. By doing so, you’ll always be ready for any opportunities that come up. Keep all your required documents ready and your LinkedIn profile up to date. Another important thing, keep updating your resume once you have something to add.

This way, you’ll not miss any suitable opportunity and your chances of getting through will also be better.


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Personal finance management: What is your greatest motivating factor?

In this post, I thought of discussing a basic thing in personal finance – Which factor(s) motivate you the most to manage your personal finances.

There may be more than one factor which motivates you to manage finances and build a secure financial future.

So, let’s find out what are those factors?

Maintaining your present lifestyle

All of us maintain a definite lifestyle and want to improve it. Even if we are happy with our present lifestyle, we need to take steps to secure it, so that nothing can destroy the financial footing.

To do so, you need to plan a budget and save a certain amount so that your future is financially secured.

A good tip – Deposit a certain amount to your savings account and then plan a budget with the remaining one. Doing so, you will surely save a significant amount every month.

Along with it, you need to invest your money for profitable returns in the future.

Improve your social status

Another great motivator is to improve your social status.

We all know that we need to have a definite financial footing to have a social prestige and position. Only if we can have the money power, we will be able to buy a good house, drive a good car, or follow other lifestyle basics.

To do so, we need to save a significant amount every month with which we can invest for a profitable return in the future.

So, try to improve your financial condition to enjoy a good social status.

Survive by withstanding inflation

You have to take into account inflation, especially when you are planning your retirement. The amount you are spending on grocery now may not be sufficient say after 10 or 20 years.

So, you need to plan accordingly to survive with the inflation.

Moreover, first you need to focus on the basic necessities and then you can plan for your luxuries.

Competition is not always bad

I might sound strange if I say that competition is good when the question is about managing the personal financial situation.

Yes, it’s true that you shouldn’t compete to keep up with the Joneses and spend on unnecessary items.

But, at the same time, you can compete to save more and improve your financial situation. This is after all a healthy competition.

Self-realization is the best realization.

If you want to achieve something, you will leave no stone unturned to achieve your goals. So, always motivate yourself and never allow anything to demotivate you from your goals and aspirations.

Set a reward for yourself – It can be a vacation or an item you wanted to purchase for long, once you attain a goal. This will help you stay motivated throughout, achieve your goals, and in turn, continue improving your personal financial situation.

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If you think that you can’t manage your finances on your own, then don’t hesitate to take help from others. A friend or a family member, who knows how to manage finances, can help you overcome your problems along with helping you to follow the right track. You can also take help of a financial advisor if you think you need a bit guidance to manage your finances effectively.

Wait! Think for a moment! What do you think is your greatest motivator to manage your finances?

Do share your thoughts with us…

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