5 Trusted insurances can keep you safe from hazards

“ When knight would battle brave and bold /   The damsel’s hand in hopes to hold / Worth more than polished stone or gold …”

Hello friends? What’s up? You must be thinking why suddenly I am in love with the knights! 

A few days ago I was reading a poem on middle ages European knights written by Josiah Israel.

I was thrilled after reading the poem dedicated to the heroes in shining armor! Do you know why the armor shone so bright? It was made of metal.

The knights get protection from the metal made armor.

It keeps them safe from any kind of danger in the war.

Now from middle ages shift your focus to our modern age American metropolis! It is morning time! The situation in your house is not less than a battlefield! 

Your hubby is ready to go to the office. You too with your son or daughter will be out of your house soon.

Can you guess from beforehand whether or not any unusual incident will happen today? The answer is no, I guess.

I feel concerned about my family too.

I want to keep my near ones safe while they are away from home.

I want to keep my family safe when I am not around them.

That’s why I have protected my close-to-heart family members with the latest precaution.

                                      It is Insurance.

Insurance? Is single insurance enough? Or do you need more than one category? 

I am stating before you all the modern armors from which you can choose as per your need.

Health Insurance. How effective is it to cage your flying medical bills?

I was checking the expenses of my house for the last three quarters of the current year. I was astonished to see my medical cost is running at par with my grocery bill.

Have you realized how fast medical bills are taking an important part in our life?

Now imagine, all of a sudden, you or someone from your dear ones has fallen into serious illness or met with an accident.

If you have already taken out health insurance, then you won’t have to face the financial burden much.

Life Insurance. Will it act as a raincoat to defy the rough weather?

You are well-known about the behavior of July month. Certain parts of our country are rain-soaked and rough weather accompanies the rain.

Can you go everywhere with your children to keep them safe from rain?

I think the answer is no! (Unless you’re an overprotective parent!)

Most of the parents will answer that they will search for a good quality raincoat for their youngsters.

Treat life insurance as the raincoat. You can’t live forever in the world to take care of your dependents.

After your demise, only life insurance will fulfill all the needs of your dear ones.

Car insurance. Stop your car at the red light and go to an insurer immediately.

Most probably a fortnight ago, my near ones were discussing a car accident on Sunday breakfast table. I overheard their conversation from my kitchen.

I was curious to know about what they are discussing so abruptly?

Oh my God! I was completely shocked after watching the formula one car tragic accident on YouTube. 

The video reminded me of one of my horrible childhood memories in Texas. My cousin Toby was trying to drive my uncle’s red-colored Pontiac without having any knowledge of how to drive it. 

The car crashed into a tree and the right leg of Toby got fractured.

As my uncle did not realize the value of insurance, money flowed like a stream from the poor guy’s pocket! 

The future of the car was not good either. Our family car was sold like scrap metal.  

It was a practical lesson for me that I will never forget. 

On that day I realized why we should take out auto insurance immediately after buying a car.  

Disability insurance. Is taking it out considered a bad omen?

One of my office colleagues in my previous workplace had told me once that he did not want to take out a disability insurance policy. He considered it a bad omen. 

Well, he has too much belief upon the almighty. (Each week he participates in Sunday morning prayer without being late and scolds me for my irregularity in joining the prayer!)  

I am neither religious nor superstitious like him. I have a serious concern for my loved ones. I don’t have the courage to leave everything on God’s will. 

  I took out the disability insurance policy. 

Who knows when I meet with an accident suddenly and cannot move a step? 

The insurance company will bear all my expenses when I am sitting idle in the house.

Long live my ex-colleague with his divine belief! 

Want to hear a secret confession? I love to dream of God more like Morgan Freeman as he appeared before Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty!

Opt for the Homeowners’ Insurance. Keeping our civilization alive is in your hands!

You must be thinking that you don’t have the divine power like Noah to build a massive boat! God too perhaps thinks you are not the right one on whom he can bestow upon the responsibility of saving civilization from any natural calamity!

Then how can you save our civilization? It is so simple! Take out the homeowners’ insurance for your benefits. 

How is it beneficial? 

God forbid! If your home is damaged by a massive fire, you can claim money from your homeowners’ insurance policy to rebuild your house. 

Thus, you will be saved from taking shelter in any cave! Our civilization will progress in the right way!

It’s just a joke, my dear friend!

But seriously, there are 2 points you should remember from your heart.

Fulfil all your queries from your insurance policy maker first.

Try to understand all the complex clauses of your insurance policy. 

After that, you should pick both your insurance policy and insurer! 

Read this if you are thinking how can you manage the money to pay off your insurance policies? 

By the way, I am seriously thinking about borrowing metal armor from the Smithsonian museum for my loved ones’ protection! 

But I think the authorities will refuse me to lend such an antic suit! (I have serious doubt that my family would veto my plan too!)   

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