Can you enjoy a summer trip all alone?

Yes, it is not impossible.

Summer time is here. So, it’s time to pack your bags and head for the unknown. So, thought of sharing something about fun and excitement!

Are you worried since you’re not finding any companion and you have to travel alone this time? I hope you’re not dropping your plan because you’re a solo traveler. Don’t step back. Traveling alone can be fun too!

It has its own enjoyment. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience something new in life.

Find out how you can enjoy your summer trip all alone.

Do not be afraid

First of all, don’t be afraid to go on a trip all alone irrespective of whether you are a boy or a girl. Though it’s challenging, it’s very peaceful, too. You won’t have to worry about others. You will have lot’s of me-time.

Plan a budget

Again, plan a suitable budget for your tour. Or, you can also make an estimate of how much you plan to spend and choose a destination on its basis. This will help you since food and lodging price are not same throughout the nation.

Make necessary preparations but not too much

Make a plan but don’t be too rigid. You never know – on your tour, you may come to know about a beautiful place which you didn’t know before.

Don’t compromise with safety

Never choose a hotel since it’s relatively cheaper. Alternatively, look for accommodation at a hostel. You can also book a travel with a good tour organizer. You won’t feel alone if you travel with a group but you’ll have your own space, too. You can also opt for a single room at a hotel, if that is your concern, even if you book a group tour.

Ask for single supplement waiver

If you’re planning a cruise trip or with a travel agent, make sure you ask for single supplement waiver and don’t end up paying for two, but traveling alone.

Now, let’s talk about some fun things you can do on your solo summer trip.

Relax and enjoy at a spa

What can be more relaxing than making an appointment at a spa and getting a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. Search before and make the booking beforehand, if required.

Search for a free concert

If you are a music lover, meet others of similar liking at a free music concert. Moreover, going alone, you can enjoy the music much more.

Enjoy at a good hotel

Sometimes you might like to enjoy at a good hotel – swimming in the pool and enjoying your me-time relaxing at a private beach. If you’re a frequent traveler or using some membership you might be upgraded to a good room at a 4-star hotel at no extra cost. Take advantage of that.  

Go on a hike

Enjoy mother nature and embrace the quiet by going on a hike. However, make sure you carry a map of the hiking route and have some phone numbers to call in case you need.


Some more useful tips:

  • Don’t travel high end if you’re a solo traveler and want to meet other similar people
  • Book a day tour with a local travel agency where you can be introduced to strangers
  • Ask for any local information from a cab driver
  • If possible, book a tour with people sharing common interests


Planning an international trip alone?

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