Are you making these 11 dieting mistakes? Stop them now to be healthy!

Life becomes boring when you talk only of finance. There’s so much more to explore! Sometimes I feel the need of discussing something else, something more interesting!

Not that finance doesn’t interest me… Rather, it’s my favorite. But, I also have interest towards cooking, traveling, and yes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Balancing my life matters to me the most, and being healthy is a part of it.

Often I see that my friends committing mistakes while following certain diet plans.

Many of you will agree if I say that dieting doesn’t always mean to reduce weight; it is more of being healthy – both physically and mentally.

So, check out whether or not you’re making these dieting mistakes that make you unhealthy.

Not eating anything within 1 hour of waking up

It is definitely enticing but a very harmful way to lose weight. Breakfast gives you the energy to sustain yourself for a long time.

Having just fruit juice for breakfast

Even natural juices usually raise blood sugar and you will feel hungry and overeat later. So, fill your plate with fiber and protein for a healthy start.

Consuming less water than necessary

Everyone has to consume certain amount of fluid, mainly water, based on the age, gender and physical activities. Dehydration actually slows down your metabolism.

Having energy bars on the go

Energy bars are convenient and easy way to satisfy hunger. However, these bars are often loaded with artificial sweeteners that is not at all an healthy option in the long run.

Not giving importance to post workout eating

Eating is more important than exercising. Eating proper food before and after exercise is a must. You need to replenish your body for the wear and tear during exercise.

Eating only salad for lunch

‘Salad’ is equivalent to ‘Healthy’ to most of us. There are certainly healthy salads, but always it may not be the best one. Make sure salads are not overloaded with fat and are always prepared in a healthy way.

Binging on too much of a good thing

Some foods (like nuts, olive oil, red wine, avocados, chocolates, etc.) are good; it’s true. But, more of them is not good. Try to have the required quantity.

Saying a big ‘No’ to carbs

Carbohydrates give you energy – the energy to move on. Have fiber rich carbs (such as oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain breads, etc.) to get much-needed energy along with nutritional essentials.

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Eating only protein and protein

Too much of anything is not good; actually bad. If you have too much protein, it is stored as fat. As per CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), women need only about 46 grams of proteins per day.

Thinking that you need to exercise for a longer time

In our busy schedule, often you can take out only 10-15 minutes to exercise, and you think it’s not worth it. But, often a 10-minute cardio workout along with healthy eating can keep you in the track.  

You have the license to eat everything if you exercise

It is a basic thing – if you consume more calories than what you lose by exercising, how will you reduce weight? The effects of exercising increases if you intake healthy food based on your health.

So, don’t make these mistakes and focus on being healthy – both physically and emotionally.

Sometimes, I feel like binging on unhealthy foods are healthy. It gives you emotional satisfaction as it satisfies your mischievous taste buds and gives the motivation to eat healthy food.

Happy living! 🙂

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