Do you know how to excel yourself to get your dream job?

When we are talking about personal finance management, then one thing comes with it – yes, you are right. Income! You need to have a stable income in order to manage your personal financial situation efficiently. Most of us depend on getting a job in order to have a decent monthly income. So, it is very much essential that you know how to excel a job interview so that you can get your desired job.

Here are 8 tips which you can follow in order to excel in an interview.

1. Do some background work

The background work is quite important to excel in an interview. First of all, ask yourself – whether you are fit for the job role and whether or not you have the required qualifications. Then, ask yourself, whether or not you can do the job. Finding the answers to these questions will prepare you for the job interview. Regarding the required qualifications, if it’s a technical job, then you might have to show your in-depth knowledge in the interview.

2. Research about the company

You should research about the company before you appear for the interview. Usually, you can get a brief idea about the company if you research online. All you have to know is the history of the company, its reputation, products, size. etc. This will help you in the interview. However, you don’t have to be an expert about that company. Just you have to have an idea regarding the company and how your job role fits in. You can chalk out some questions which you can ask in the interview.

3. Prepare yourself for the interview

It is not possible to change your experience or personality so that you fit in the job role better. However, you can highlight your selling points and downplay on your deficiencies. Though they are there in your CV, but you should be able to talk about those points and elaborate on them what you’ve written in your CV. First of all, find your strengths and weaknesses. These are most questions often asked in any interview. You should know how to answer those questions. Try to highlight how you can be a good contributor to the company.

4. Be confident and have a positive attitude

You can win half the battle if you’re confident and have a positive attitude. You have to sell yourself as you would sell a product. It is not possible to anticipate every question you would be asked in the interview. However, if you’re somewhat aware about the questions that would be asked, then you can be confident throughout. Another important thing, always have a positive body language. Try to use positive words like ‘yes’, instead of ‘No’.

5. Talk about what you’ve achieved

As I’ve mentioned already, you have to sell yourself in an interview. So, be prepared to talk about your achievements. You should know how to talk about your achievements even if you’re not directly asked to say so. And, never lie about your achievements. If asked about your weaknesses, tell them and at the same time, explain how you’re working on them. Also be ready to talk about how you has failed in some of your assignments but how you overcame it and succeeded next time.

6. Ask questions about the company and your job role

Make sure you ask questions about your current job role, what you’ll be doing exactly if selected, your future prospects in the company, whether the job required travelling, etc. Ask for permission to take notes and write down down the points so that you can think about them later, in order to decide whether or not to accept the offer, if you’re offered the job.

7. Take time to accept the offer

No interviewer expects you to tell a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’, on that interview itself. So, when asked, politely ask for some days to think over it and get back to them. Usually, it’s reasonable to ask for about 24-48 hours to respond. But, you may need several days to think over it and discuss with your family members if you have to relocate.

8. Some final tips for the day of the interview

Now, you have done your background work and you’ve arrived at the venue. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Arrive 15-20 minutes early for the interview
  • Be prepared with 2-3 copies of your printed CV
  • Be ready to produce documents of your achievements if needed
  • Try to have a smile on your face
  • Always smile back when the interviewer smiles
  • Make a trip to the restroom and get rid of sweaty hands
  • In the restroom, check your teeth, hair, make up etc. so that they are perfect
  • You should look professional
  • Always maintain eye contact with the interviewer
  • Wash your hands and keep it dry for a firm handshake for about 305 seconds
  • Have mouth fresheners ready so that your breath is fresh

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