How to enjoy a frugal Christmas and make valuable experience

Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are gone, it’s time to welcome the holiday season for which we wait throughout the year – CHRISTMAS!

But celebrating a Christmas doesn’t mean that we’d have to splurge beyond our financial capability.

So, does that mean we’ll compromise with our enjoyment? Certainly not!

Here are a few tips to celebrate frugal Christmas; that’s spending within a budget.


Try out a 100% homemade decor

By 100% I mean this Christmas decorate with items that are already available in your house.

To do so, first of all, search your home for the decorations you already have from previous years. I’m sure you’ll find some of them.

You can use a real tree and decorate it instead of buying a Christmas tree.

Your enjoyment will double if you involve all family members to decorate the house for this Christmas.

And for the next time, buy items in the post-Christmas sale. You will get lucrative deals and will be all set for next Christmas.


Think of giving unique gifts

The celebration is the act of giving and accepting gifts. This time, think of giving unique gifts, which will be truly appreciated but won’t be much expensive.

This time add a personalized touch. Try to make homemade chocolates or homemade soaps and gift them. You can browse online for ample DIY gift ideas and unique recipes.

Instead of buying wrapping papers, use the gift bags you get from stores and decorate them your own way.  

Another unique and precious gift is your ‘Time’. Spend some time with your loved ones. They will remember this gesture much more than a material gift.


Spend money to create experiences

Do your kids get a pile of gifts that they rarely use?

This time, don’t give lots of material gifts. Instead, create a memorable experience.

You can save some amount from the gifts and use the gift money as well to enjoy a memorable holiday. You can also take them to a Christmas concert.

Gift them a scrap book and encourage them to create memories that they can cherish later. Believe me, a material gift is nothing compared to such experiences.


Do not purchase unnecessary items

Often we buy unnecessary items since we do not make a list when we go shopping.

So, even if you’re going for Christmas shopping, make a list and don’t purchase anything that’s not on your list.

Stay away from ribbons, stickers, fancy tapes, bows, etc. because usually, you toss them away.

Similarly, don’t invest much in outdoor and indoor lights; it is better to switch off the lights, when no one is there, to save energy bill cost.


Organize a potluck party

This Christmas, you can organize a potluck party.

Call your friends and ask everyone to bring one item. Some of them will bring starters, few friends can bring the main course and rest of them can bring desserts.

You will enjoy more if you don’t discuss amongst yourselves what others are bringing. It is fun to open the pots one by one, and check out whether or not there are duplicate items.


Follow these tips and have a good share of laughter.

Merry Christmas!

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