Is it necessary to spend a fortune to decorate your house?

Is it necessary to spend a fortune to decorate your house? The answer is ‘No’. If you’ve bought a new home but don’t have enough money to decorate it your way? Don’t worry. You can decorate your house within your limited budget. Only you have to know the right tricks and tips to do so.

In this blog post, I thought giving some ideas to decorate your home as per your liking and without spending much. I love to do it my way.

Make your front door attractive

The first thing one notices is the main exterior door. So, at first, paint the front door. It is better to paint it with a bright color so that it catches attention. It will change the look of an old house into a new one in no time.

Use wallpapers in some areas

If you love wallpapers but can’t or don’t want to put it into your entire room, you can use it as back of your bookshelves. It’s simple. Just put wallpaper on the wall where you’ll put your bookcase. It will create a pop of pattern without spending a lot of money.

Fake a headboard in your bedroom

Instead of buying a bed, you can simply buy a box and mattress and fake a headboard to give the look of a bed. Just put a block of wood or something of similar looking and paint it. It will create the look of a perfect headboard. You can check out these stuffs in lifestyle stores. You will get ideas!

Hang photos in your living room

Are you confused regarding how to decorate the wall of your living room? Open your photo albums and select your family photos of your previous vacations. Now, hang them in the wall. It is better if you frame them in different sizes. In no time, your family room with be filled with cheer and happiness. It will create the perfect ambiance to sit together and relive those moments once again.

Change your bathroom faucet

It might not be possible for you to change the look of your entire sink in your bathroom. Just replace your old faucet with a new one. It will give a new refreshing look to your bathroom.

Install a multi-glass mirror

Along with changing your bathroom faucet, change the mirror in your bathroom. You can buy a mirrored glass cut to fit in a vintage frame of your choice. It will make your bathroom look big and it’s not a very expensive thing to purchase.

Transform your imagination into reality

Do you want to give the look of your imagination into your new home? You must be having colorful plates of different shape and size. You can also paint them with your favorite color. Now, simply hang them in the wall of your kitchen or hang it in the wall inside some frame. Your kitchen decor will be unique and complete. It is not expensive; moreover, you can change them from time to time and create different look.

There is no alternative to decorate your house yourself. So, plan a DIY project every weekend and involve the entire family to do it. This way, your house will be transformed into your dream home and you’ll also have a memorable family time. Just let your imagination do the trick.

Happy decorating!

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