10 Simple ways to send high utility bills on a diet

Saving is a great tool to be on top of your finances. There are lots of things that eat up your savings. One such thing is the utility services. If you can crush your utility bills, you can see your savings grow with time.

So, check out some ways by which you can reduce your utility bills:

  1. Use thick or insulated curtains

Thermal curtains are best to control the room temperature. It prevents loss of heat during winters and allows you to turn down the thermostat. This way, it helps to reduce electric bills.   

  1. Use cold water for washing

If you want to save money on your utility bill, use cold water to wash clothes and utensils as it requires less energy.

  1. Do household chores at night

You can save your precious dollars by running the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher later at night.

It’s because energy costs are cheaper at night.

Utility companies charge more during peak hours.

  1. Use less expensive wool balls

These dryer balls are cheaper and reduce the time of drying your clothes. These balls also allow you to ditch the fabric softener, thus helps to save you more money. You can use aluminum foil as an alternative for this work.

  1. Air dry clothes

It is another surefire way to save loads on utility bills. Line-dry your clothes and see your savings grow. Moreover, your clothes will get some fresh air too.  

  1. Unplug appliances when not in use

Don’t just turn off appliances when you’re not using, but also make it a point to unplug them.

Turned off appliances pull electricity when they’re plugged in.

  1. Upgrade appliances

Consider upgrading your appliances with the best energy saving ones. Buy energy star appliances (especially when purchasing large appliances). Buying an energy star machine may cost you more but, it’ll save you more money in the long run.    

  1. Add fiberglass attic insulation

Most of your home’s heat escapes from the attic. So, add attic insulation which is made from fiberglass as it’s less expensive and easy to install (you can install it yourself).

  1. Use energy saving light bulbs

Replace your old light bulbs with CFLs or LED bulbs. These light bulbs use less energy, lasts long and thus, helps to save your dollars from wasting.

  1. Contact your utility service provider

You might be missing out some cost-savings programs if you don’t contact your utility company. So, have a talk with your utility service provider and find out more ways to save your precious dollars.

Do let us know how much you’ve been able to save in a month by adopting these measures?

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