Tips to buy 6 essential cosmetics

Being a woman, I can’t live without cosmetics. I know most of you will agree with me. But, when I was young and didn’t have experience much, I used to think “How can I buy the right cosmetics?” However, with experience and internet searching, I now know certain tips to buy the right cosmetics and choose the right colors for me.

Today, I thought of sharing with you some of my tips to buy cosmetics.

  1. Foundation – It is always better to try out the shade on your forehead instead of trying in hand. It will help you buy one that is closest to your complexion. Moreover, try out whether warm color or cool tones suit you.
  2. Lipsticks – An essential cosmetic which we use on regular basis. I have found that the long-wear formulas sometimes dry out lips. So, know that while searching for lipsticks.
  3. Lipliner – I personally like lip liners as they help me outline the lips. Instead of buying one for every lipstick, sometimes, I use a brush and create a line with my lipstick itself.
  4. Eye shadow – You should have at least to palettes of eye shadows – one in nude shade and other in bright colors. Usually, you can apply the bright colors in the night when you want smoky look.
  5. Mascaras – Usually, it’s better to not use a black eyeliner during daytime unless you really want the dramatic effect. Buy one mascara that lengthens lashes. And, apply a coat of powder before applying the second coat of mascara.
  6. Blusher – Have at least two colors – a nude one for the day and a shimmery one for the night. It is better to use powder blushes as they’re easier to blend.

Along with buying cosmetics, be careful while buying brushes. You need different types of brushes to apply make-up rightly. For example, an angular brush and a wide brush are essential for eyes and blusher respectively. Similarly, you should’ve proper brush for applying foundation.

Let me know if these tips are valuable to you…

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