Unlock the key to a fabulous shopping experience on this Black Friday!

It’s again that time of the year – shopping time! Don’t think that I don’t go for shopping and save money. Like most of you, I also wait for this time of the year, which marks the beginning of the holiday season. However, with years of practice, I have learned how not to splurge much and make a game plan to pick up things which I need and which are offered at discount rates.

Here’re some of my tips to have a fruitful Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday shopping without having to repent later.

Yes! You guessed it right! Undoubtedly, the first point would be to plan a budget. You first have to decide how much you can spend without hampering your savings goal and without incurring debt. It’s better to set a Christmas budget so that you can decide about the gifts, party, etc. and can make the necessary purchase. This way, you can also avoid impulse purchase.

Do online research and compare prices – A bad thing is a bad thing even if it’s offered free of cost. So, when you decide to buy a product, do your part of research and compare the prices offered at various stores so that you know which item to purchase. Certain dealers often match prices if a product is offered relatively cheaper at some other stores. Also, even if you get a product at the same rate at two stores, one store may offer free home delivery or some other perks.

Set a game plan – If you decide to visit the stores physically, then you need to make a game plan. Remember that Black Friday is not a day for window shopping. You need to chalk out a plan if you really want to take advantage of the offers. You should know that high-demand purchases are limited and you should also know whether or not certain items will be offered at discount rate till a particular time. If required, you may have to queue much before the store opens.

Ask for gift receipts – If you’re buying an item for a gift, make sure you collect gift receipts, where there’s a description of the item without the price mentioned. If you’re gifting someone and he/she doesn’t like the gift, then he/she can return or exchange it without much hassle.

Know about the respective store policies – Do not assume that the things you’re buying can be returned or exchanged. The return deadlines may vary from one store to another. And, an item may be offered at ‘final sale’, which means you can’t return or exchange it. Therefore, make yourself aware of these things, so that you won’t be surprised later.

So, start making your shopping plans from now and share your shopping experience with us.



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