Wake up to the ‘tick-tock’ to strike a perfect work-life balance

Boss: “Why aren’t you able to complete your work?”
You: “Actually, I didn’t have the time to…”

Is this what your boss asks you every week? And, is this the answer you give him or her every time?
Then, you should think about it. I’m sure, you won’t be happy to hear these words – “You’re fired.”

How can you manage all the work within the given time? Ask yourself this question again and again. You’ll find your answer hidden in the question itself. It is “manage” and “time”. Yes, these two words will do magic for you if you can handle them properly. “TIME MANAGEMENT” is the only answer to all your unsolved problems.

8 Time management tips for a foolproof work-life balance

Time is a big issue for everyone. No matter how well you can manage your time, some real suggestions would surely help you organize your time better. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you do better time management:

  1. Rather than complaining to yourself and others about having less time; sit down and think about how you can manage your time better. Half of your work is done at the time when you start thinking about time management.
  2. Make a priority list to avoid getting distracted and sidetracked. Keep the tasks at the top of your to-do list, which need a greater part of your attention. After you complete one task, check it off and move on to the next task on your checklist.
  3. Draft a plan for each day. Make your plan for the next day before you go off to sleep. This way, you will have enough time to complete each of your tasks before the day ends. But, make sure you stick to it and give all your effort to complete it.
  4. Set reminders for every task. With a smartphone or a tablet in your hand, time management isn’t something impossible to achieve. The sound of your reminder will keep you updated about each of your tasks. You can also fix a time limit for each task. For instance, finish task A by 12 pm, task B by 3 pm, task C by 6 pm, and so on.
  5. It’s okay to say “NO” to a task when you know that you won’t be able to complete it. Avoid making prior commitments without analyzing your worklist. Don’t take up tasks that you can’t complete.
  6. Find out if you are a morning person or a night person. Set your work according to it for a better work efficiency and a good productivity.
  7. Set realistic goals. Don’t build a sand castle in front of the ocean waves! Select the tasks that are real. Don’t waste your time achieving something that is impossible. Rather, focus on the task that you can with perfection.
  8. Sleep, exercise, and eat healthy foods! This should be your ultimate mantra to for a healthy mind and body. A healthy lifestyle is associated with more work output. Remember, “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Well, these are some really common time management tips. Many of you may have heard about it. But remember, in difficult situations we tend to forget even the most common thing.

I hope, I’m able to solve a bit of your time management problem with these tips.

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