10 Whatsapp tips that will make you smarter than ever

With WhatsApp making life much easier, it is now time to think if we are utilizing the app to its full extent. Not only does it help to reduce the communication gap anytime and anywhere, but also it helps to manage work, have fun, and maintain a social life.

However, there are more than you can do than just chatting and that is what I am about to share below:

1. Get shortcuts to conversations

We all have pals or a very special person with whom we chat every now and then. Why not reach out to them with a single touch. Here’s how you can do it.

How to: Open the contact or group you wish, tap the drop-down menu icon in the top right corner. Hit “More” and then “Add Shortcut”. You can simply hit “Add” to confirm your decision.

2. Draw your pics

If you are in a mischievous mood and want to play with your friends’ image, it’s a matter of a few minutes. Also, if you want to mark something to explain people something specific, you can mark your images or draw or write something on the image itself. You won’t need a separate photo editor to do it specifically.

How to: Select Attach from the right hand corner → Go to gallery → Select the image that you would like to send. The image opens up in the editor mode with options of adding text, emoticons, and a pen icon. Select the pen and draw or mark as you wish.

3. Add important dates to your calendar

For people who tend to forget things every now and then and struggle to remember important dates, there is a way to add reminder and important notes to your calendar for WhatsApp.

How to: Tap on the message and hold where a specific date is mentioned and select create event. The date will be added to your calendar. From now on, never miss important dates.

4. Send messages hands-free with Siri

Busy with too many tasks and yet you need to chat? Siri can help you send messages in WhatsApp without typing. Well, guys, this is something I really appreciate.

How to: Tap and hold the message you think is important and tap the star icon that appears on top of the screen. To “unstar”, just tap and hold the starred message and select the “Remove Star” icon. Enjoy the freedom of accessing important messages instantly.

All you need to do is open WhatsApp → Select the Menu Button → Starred Messages. That’s it!

5. Use Whatsapp on the web

Busy with some work on the PC and you need to access WhatsApp too? A feature in WhatsApp helps us to access WhatsApp in PC with no hindrance to work.

How to: All you need to do is visit web.whatsapp.com on your PC. A QR code will appear on the site. Next, open your phone and hit the menu icon displayed with 3 dots in the right-hand corner and select the option “WhatsApp Web” which will open up a QR code scanner. Just scan the code that appears on your PC and that’s it. You are now connected to WhatsApp from your PC.

6. Star messages for later

Lost in a pile of messages and looking for a particular one? Try the “star message function” and be quick to find important messages.

How to: Go to your chat to keep a bookmark, select the particular message, hold down the message and hit the star icon. That’s it. The message is now bookmarked.

7. Stop auto download and save storage capacity

You can’t deny the fact that saving mobile data is really necessary for all of us. Thankfully, there is a way to stop auto downloading content to save storage and still chat and receive notifications.

How to: Go to settings, hit “Data and Storage Usage Option” and choose “When Using Mobile Data”. From here you can opt to uncheck the downloading of photos, audio, videos, etc. via mobile data. So when someone sends you a file, you need to tap on the received file to actually download it.

8. Highlighting messages

Want to make sure people read a particular message and not miss it in the ocean of messages. Specifically, in a group chat, it is tough to stand out from the crowd (of messages). To put more emphasis on particular words in your chat, you just need to add a few things to your words.

How to: While writing add a star at the beginning and end of the words you wish to make bold like *example*, use underscore for italics like _example_, and use tildes for strikethrough like ~example~. This is applicable in both iOS as well as Android.

9. Mute contacts or groups

I am sure you will agree to the fact that each one of us has a particular group or contact who keeps our WhatsApp flooded with messages, funny pics, or videos. To handle this situation you can mute the particular group or contact.

How to: Simply tap and hold the contact or the group that you want to mute and a list of options will appear on the top of your screen. Select the mute icon and then WhatsApp would prompt you with options to choose for how long you want to mute a contact or group.

10. Sign up for beta access

Are you the secret genius who wants to lay his hands on products beforehand to try out and test? Well, you can sign up for the beta version and explore. However, you will face issues with bugs and other faults as it is still in its development phase.

How to: To get your hands dirty, you need to sign up for the beta access. First, open WhatsApp in Google Play Store and scroll down to “Become a beta tester” section below. Hit the “I’m in” option and you will be enrolled in the beta program. Updating the beta version is similar to updating our regular version of WhatsApp. Also, you can leave it anytime you want. SImply go to the WhatsApp page in the Play Store and again go to the “Become a beta tester” section again and this time you will see the option “Leave” to opt out as per your choice.

Try these tricks and share this article with your friends to help them as well. Also, let me know, if you got some more tricks up your sleeve, in the comment section below.

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