10 Toxic day-to-day products you must stop using now

When you are trying to go green by consuming organic fruits and veggies and avoiding processed foods, you may not know certain products which you use on a daily basis are putting your health at risk. These things contain carcinogens or cancer causing elements and endocrine disruptors, which may cause reproductive, behavioral and developmental diseases.

Here’s a list of some toxic products you should immediately stop using for the sake of your health:

1. Plastic containers

Most plastic containers are made from chemicals called phthalates, which cause endocrine problems.

You might have seen plastic containers turn cloudy after washing them a few times. It’s because plastics break down with time, which releases chemicals into your food and liquid that you store in them. So, use glass containers, bottles, cups, and bowls to avoid consuming toxic foods and drinks.

2. Nonstick cookware

Nonstick pans and pots are good if you want to use less oil and butter. But, they’re ultimately harmful for your health as they contain a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is seen to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

The chemical may enter your body if the pan’s nonstick surface peels off in your food. Use stainless steel cookwares instead of nonstick cookwares.

3. Air fresheners

Whatever you breathe in, ultimately gets absorbed by your blood. Air fresheners include chemicals and ingredients like phthalates, formaldehyde and phenol which cause skin swelling, peeling, breakouts (when in direct contact with the skin) and even reproductive problems.

Use natural ingredients such as baking soda and white vinegar as air fresheners.

4. Perfumes

There is no doubt that perfumes contain chemical ingredients which aren’t good for the human health (most companies don’t release the list of exact ingredients).

Instead of using colognes and perfumes switch to scents with natural oils.

5. Cosmetics

From lipsticks to shampoos, these products contain more or less chemical ingredients and synthetic fragrances. Go for cosmetics and personal care items with natural oils and mineral-based pigments.

Use soaps and shampoos which are free from chemicals like triclosan and synthetic fragrances.

6. Laundry detergents

Cleaning agents like detergents commonly used in every household consist of formaldehyde, which may cause allergies and asthma.

Moreover, scented dryer sheets in the detergents aren’t any good.

As written in “Researchers have found that dryer vents can emit more than 25 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when scented laundry detergents and dryer sheets are used. Of these 25 VOCs, seven are classified as hazardous air pollutants and can cause interior or exterior air pollution.”

7. Antiperspirants

Another dangerous and most commonly used product on the list.

Most antiperspirants and deodorants use aluminum-based compounds, parabens and other chemical ingredients which affect the human health.

Discard these chemical commodities and use natural products which are chemical and paraben free.

8. Sunscreens

Sunscreens contain chemical components like oxybenzone, octinoxate, retinyl palmitate and fragrances that may cause health issues as they penetrate the skin.

However, the safest sunscreens made up from minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can be expensive. So, try to cover up yourself as much as you can while stepping out in the sun.

9. Toilet cleaners

Cleaning the toilets have become an easy job these days with the help of toilet bowl cleaners. Even if these products have made our job easier, they contain toxic chlorine gas, which if inhaled is hazardous for our respiratory or circulatory systems.

10. Oven cleaners

Like toilet cleaners, oven cleaners like Mr. Muscle and Easy-Off contain chemicals which cause breathing problems, throat swelling, vision loss, abdominal pain, vomiting and the like.

Instead, use natural ingredients like baking soda or vinegar and water to clean your oven.

If you can avoid using these dangerous items, you can save on both money and health at the same time.

Do you know any other everyday products which are hazardous? Share your thoughts with us.

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