22 Awesome hacks to get the best price for your drink at Starbucks

Are you spending half of your monthly income on your favorite latte at the Starbucks? No more!

Check out some brilliant hacks to save your darling dollars on a cup of coffee at the Starbucks:

1. Use a reusable cup

You can save 10 cents (that is, $73 yearly) on your drink if you use a reusable cup from Starbucks, or bring your own mug or a travel tumbler or a competitor’s paper cup.

2. Ask for a water cup

Why do you want to waste money on bottled water when you can get water for free in a tall, grande, or venti cup? So, ask for a “water cup” as you won’t be charged for it.

3. Share a venti drink with a friend

Make the most of it when you’re visiting Starbucks with your friend. Order a venti Frappuccino (which can cost $4.95) and split it with your friend. This way, you’re paying half the price of your drink.

Most Starbucks outlets charge 10 cents for the extra cup you’re taking.

Save more by bringing your own cup.

4. Ask for ice on the side

Order your iced beverage smartly. Don’t waste your dollars by paying for ice. Order the ice on the side and pay only for the actual beverage.

5. Ask for a tall drink in a grande cup

By ordering a tall cup you are getting less coffee since you need a place for your milk. Don’t sacrifice your coffee for milk and order your coffee in a grande cup. This way, you’ll get extra room for milk and a grande cup for the price of a tall cup.

6. Order a short

When you can enjoy your latte for less in a short (that is, one size smaller than a tall cup) then why pay more for a tall. Ask the barista for a short because that’s not on the menu.

You’ll get 8 ounces of your coffee in a short without compromising on the caffeine.

7. Order espresso over iced latte

Don’t waste 2.75 dollars unnecessarily on a tall iced latte. Instead, save 1 dollar by ordering a shot of espresso (which costs 1.75 dollars) and use free milk at the condiment bar to create a latte.

8. Order chai tea misto instead of chai tea latte

If you want to save calories and money, go for chai tea misto instead of chai tea latte. A tall cup of chai tea costs 3.15 dollars and has 190 calories. Whereas, a tall cup of chai tea misto costs 2.35 dollars and has 122 calories.

9. Order a french press

You will save more if you share a french press coffee with your gang of friends. Generally, you get 12 ounces of coffee at $1.75. But, if you order a french press coffee you’ll get 32 ounces at $3.50. Thus, you’re almost paying half the price.

10. Take the grande over venti

Venti and grande cups have equal shots of espresso. So, why do you want to pay more for the same amount of coffee? You’re actually paying more for added milk, not caffeine. Rather order a grande and save $.30 on your drink.

11. Take advantage of Starbucks promotions

Starbucks promotions (like happy hours, treat receipts, and holiday hours) will help you save lots on your drink. You can get mini sized drinks (that is, 10 ounces) during certain Starbucks promotions.

The best way to keep track of these promotions is to follow Starbucks on Facebook. Also, check out coupons that’ll save you even more.

12. Enjoy free or cheap refills

Sometimes one cup of coffee is not enough.

Ask the barista for a cheaper refill of 50 cents.

You can also get a free refill if you’re on the green level of Starbucks reward program.

13. Sign up for Starbucks reward program

Join the “My Starbucks Reward program” to get free food and drinks, free refills, and discounts.

You can earn stars for each dollar you spend and even get a gold card. This program will also get you a free drink on your birthday.

14. Use the Starbucks app

You can find frequent discounts and giveaways through the Starbucks app. So, what are you waiting for?

Install the Starbucks app on your smartphone now.

15. Buy Starbucks gift cards

If you visit Starbucks regularly, purchase Starbucks gift cards at a discounted price from places like Gift Card Granny, Groupon, and CardCash. It’ll save you more on your favorite latte.

16. Get free Starbucks gift cards

You can redeem your points through various points programs and get free Starbucks gift cards. Check out some programs that’ll earn you free Starbucks gift cards:

  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna
  • Ibotta
  • Shopkick
  • Microsoft Rewards

17. Make your own coffee

If you want to save hard, ditch the Starbucks and make your latte at home. If you want the same Starbucks coffee at home, buy coffee beans at Starbucks and search online for Starbucks recipes. You’ll get ample of them like a frappuccino.

18. Get a free treat for your furry friend

Why your pup will be left alone when you’ll enjoy your drink at the Starbucks. If you order a puppy latte, your doggy will get a free cup of whipped cream.

19. Get other good drinks by paying less

If you think you are paying more on the standard drinks, check out the Starbucks mystery menu to get drinks under $3. And if you still want the latte, try out Caffe Misto. It’s much cheaper and has fewer calories.

20. Order an Americano

If you want to try out something different but don’t want to spend too much, try an Americano. It’s a mix of espresso and hot water. It costs $2.15 much less than other espresso drinks at Starbucks. Moreover, you can always add milk and sugar from the condiment counter for free.

21. Try out flavored water

If you are on a financial diet and still want to try out something from the Starbucks, get water with flavoring like peach, blackberry or raspberry. It costs less than 1 dollar.

22. Befriend the barista

If you are regular at your local Starbucks, create a nice bond with your barista. It’ll help you get extra discounts, drinks and sometimes free food like pastries. You just need to be nice and gentle to your barista.

Hope you’ve got some brilliant hacks to save your precious dollars on your drink at Starbucks. If you know some other hacks do share with us in the comment section below.

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