40 Intelligent water saving tips to crush your water bill

Life gets horrible when you go to bed every day with the thought of how to pay your debts (if any). Moreover, a heavy water bill is enough to rub salt in your wound. So, how will you heal the wound? Simple! Do water conservation and knock down your water bills easily.

Here’s a list of water saving tips to plunge into:

  1. Fix water leakage
  2. Use a bucket while taking a shower
  3. Turn off the tap while brushing
  4. Take a navy shower
  5. Don’t flush toilets frequently
  6. Take your car to a regular car wash
  7. Go for rainwater harvesting
  8. Use ultra-low-flow showerheads
  9. Take shorter showers
  10. Turn off the tap while cleaning your hands
  11. Avoid over watering your lawn
  12. Don’t install water-to-air heat pump
  13. Use grey water to flush toilets
  14. Hand wash your clothes
  15. Water lawns in the early morning
  16. Water your plants by hand
  17. Check all spigots and hoses regularly
  18. Mulch the soil to retain moisture
  19. Don’t over-fertilize your lawn
  20. Use the concept of Xeriscape landscaping
  21. Minimize the grass areas in your garden
  22. Plant drought tolerant grasses to avoid watering frequently
  23. Use drip irrigation to water bushes, flowers, trees, and garden area
  24. Use a large bowl of fresh water to wash fruits and vegetables
  25. Use fertilizers with slow-release sources of nitrogen
  26. Wash your pet outdoors while watering the lawn
  27. Use your pasta cooking liquid to water plants
  28. Use a water saving pool filter if you have a swimming pool
  29. Cover swimming to avoid evaporation
  30. Check your pool regularly for leaks
  31. Avoid installing ornamental water feature unless the water is recycled
  32. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveway/sidewalk
  33. Use a cistern displacement device in your toilet
  34. Fill the sink with water and use it to scrub dishes
  35. Check water bills at regular intervals to spot leakage
  36. Place sprinklers properly to avoid water wastage
  37. Insulate water pipes to avoid wasting water while it’s heating up
  38. Avoid running dishwasher/washing machine when they’re half full
  39. Use the amount of water that you actually need
  40. Follow at least one tip every day to save water

What ways do you guys save water? Do keep the conversation flowing in the comments!

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