50 Brilliant ways to make your wallet plump

Remember the famous quote “a penny saved is a penny earned?” I’m sure, you have remembered! Now, follow it religiously to make your kitty fat.

But, what are the ways to save your precious dollars?

Here you go…

  1. Make a realistic budget and stick to it
  2. Follow the envelope budgeting system
  3. Avoid unnecessary expenses
  4. Live with a roommate
  5. Stay with your family
  6. Get your tax refund
  7. Refinance your mortgage or car loan
  8. Challenge property tax assessment
  9. Use public transport
  10. Cycle or carpool to work
  11. Walk wherever possible
  12. Share a vehicle
  13. Keep the tires of your vehicle properly inflated
  14. Purchase cheap gas, visit Gas Buddy
  15. Drive at a moderate speed, don’t speed up
  16. Never let your car sit idle, it’s like burning money
  17. Comparison shop
  18. Unplug devices when not in use
  19. Take advantage of 0% APR balance transfer card
  20. Sell unused and unnecessary items
  21. Decrease the temperature of your water heater
  22. Air dry clothes and avoid clothes dryer
  23. Wash clothes and utensils in cold water
  24. Consolidate or settle your loans
  25. Request interest rate reduction on loans or credit card balance
  26. Set up automatic loan and bill payments
  27. Use CFL or LED lights
  28. Air seal your home
  29. Build solar panels
  30. Cancel gym and club memberships
  31. Take cable and internet connection from the same service provider
  32. Look for inexpensive entertainment options
  33. Cancel useless subscriptions
  34. Cook your meals at home
  35. Use coupons while shopping
  36. Reduce eating out
  37. Grow your own vegetables
  38. Buy generic products
  39. Shop around when purchasing an insurance policy
  40. Buy term life insurance policy, the cost is significantly less expensive
  41. Cut down your grooming expenses
  42. Shift to a less expensive area, if possible
  43. Cancel a cell phone contract
  44. Purchase things in bulk
  45. Don’t hit the stores with an empty stomach
  46. Use cash while shopping and ditch credit cards
  47. Reduce or eliminate Starbucks visit and make your own coffee at home
  48. Borrow clothes (expensive party clothes) instead of buying
  49. Use your local library
  50. Find out the right time to purchase things

Do you have some more points to add? Share those in the comments section below…

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