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good nellyHi! I am Good Nelly – as you know me. I have been interacting with you for quite a long time now. However, I have always felt that I should have a platform where I can interact with you personally through my own blog. This is the reason why I am here.

My Way Of Viewing – My brainchild. It’s primarily a financial blog, since finance has been my expertise for years now. Everyone views life in his/her own way and mywayofviewing.com is how I view this world – primarily this financial world – its happenings, changes in money management strategies, unique ways to save money, having a life free of debt, and so on…

While dealing with finance most of the time, sometimes, I feel the need of shifting my focus to some other things in life, which I’ll try to do through this blog. I think it might also interest you all.

So, let’s start our journey together. All of you are welcome to share your own views as well. I want your support as you’ve provided me for about 8 years now, through various social platforms. I always love to interact with you.

Let’s begin our new journey…

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