Are you sure you aren’t making these home remodelling mistakes?

When you are staying at a house, you need to make some remodeling from time to time. However, I have often noticed that many people make certain mistakes which cost them money. It will be a lie if I say that I haven’t committed any such mistakes ever. I’m sure all of us have committed one of these mistakes at least once. Now, with some experience, I’ve learnt how to avoid them. Here are some of these mistakes which you should be aware of so that you don’t commit them while renovating your house.

Lowballing the planned budget

I feel this is one of the most common problems. You never know when you’ll be welcomed by a nice surprise and your budget will go for a toss! For example, suppose you’re installing a backsplash. While doing it, you might damage the wall and have to replace the drywall. While fixing that you might notice some electrical issues which need to be fixed. Therefore, whenever you’re starting any renovation work, make sure you include at least extra 15% of the total project cost into your present budget, for any unexpected expenses. And, if you’re lucky, you can use the extra dollars as savings for that month.

Thinking about giving your kitchen a trendy look

Before giving your kitchen a trendy look, just think once – Do you have enough space? The more you give your kitchen a bolder look, the faster it’ll go out of style, which might lower the resale value of your home. Therefore, don’t spend much on overdoing your kitchen. Keep it more universal and durable.

You’re spending a lot on hardwood floors

Undoubtedly, a hardwood floor looks great. However, before installing it, think once – Is it feasible for you? Wondering why? If you have pets, their nails might damage the hardwood floor. Moreover, kids can also damage the floor unknowingly. So, alternatively, you can install a single-board laminate, which has a similar look and is much more durable.

Not ordering extra flooring tiles

In relation to flooring, another mistake is often made by people. To save money, you may order the exact number of tiles or other flooring materials which you need. But, flooring is usually prone to breakage during installation, which may make it difficult for you to buy more which will match with the rest of the material. Most of the retailers accept return of unopened boxes for a refund. So, always order a little extra.

Not employing a designer in a major project

If you do not have enough confidence on your aesthetic sense and knowledge, then it’s always better to employ a designer. A designer, has a more artistic eye and has knowledge of unusual materials, who can create a unique look.

Choosing a contractor who offers the cheapest quote

Often the contractors give cheap quotes in order to get a job. Therefore, always insist on having a detailed written estimate with an explanation of how the design changes will be handled and the warranty of the work done. You can check out reviews of a contractor before giving the contract.

Start working on a project without a proper working plan

Your work doesn’t complete just by allotting a work to a contractor. The agreement with your contractor should have a thorough description of the scope of the work, the materials used along with cleanup and debris removal. It should also include the total price and the payment schedule along with other necessary details like, which work will be done first and the sequence of work one after another. Make sure you update when there’s any change in the plan.

Therefore, it’s not enough to plan a budget and start your renovation work. Take these things into consideration so that you can complete your renovation project successfully within your budget.

Beware! Do not splurge on useless things. After all, it’s your hard-earned money.

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