Are you sure you’re in the right job? Have a look!

In my last post, I discussed my thoughts regarding striking a perfect work-life balance. It is a must especially for working women like me! Yes, seriously. Sometimes I feel like stretching the number of hours in a day for more than 24 hours.

However, another thing is much required to strike the perfect work-life balance – to be in the right job. But, the question is, how will you know that you’re in the right job?

Here’s a checklist:

You look forward to going to office or login from home

Do you look forward to going to the office on a Sunday evening? If yes, then you’re in a right job. You look forward to a weekend after 5-days of work; but, the thought of going to the office on a Monday makes you equally happy.

Working makes you energetic

You are always full of energy and never dread any new work. You enjoy the time you work in the office. Instead of looking at your watch and calculating the hours left to go back home, you focus on completing the required work within the definite time period.

You’re giving required output (Or even exceeding expectations)

You never have to worry about “output”; you’re always coming up with new ideas, pitching in where required, helping your colleagues,… even planning an event is your stress buster. You don’t have to think about meeting your target because you usually exceed expectations.

You are constantly learning

You are sure to get job satisfaction when you are constantly learning and you love that. A job becomes boring when you don’t have to learn anything new.

Your co-workers are your friends

Are your colleagues your friends? It’s natural that there’ll be a professional competition but your colleagues shouldn’t be your enemies; otherwise, you’ll be alienated from your work. Occasional chatting with colleagues will help you work better. Moreover, an occasional coffee with your boss or manager encourages a healthy work relationship.

So, what do you feel? Are you in the right job?

One thing I didn’t mention at first. How many of us are there who’re in the right job? It’s also not possible to change job every now and then. However, we can enjoy in whatever job we are. I plan to discuss about this in my upcoming blog posts…… Do share your experience as well.


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