Are you traveling abroad for the first time? Check out 9 tips…

Who doesn’t love traveling? Traveling is my passion. Summer months are coming, and I’m looking forward to travel. I love to see places, experience different cultures, taste the sumptuous cuisine, and so on. But, traveling abroad is always exciting. I still remember my first-time travel to Europe.

However, it’s also a daunting feeling to travel abroad though excitement helps to overcome it.

Here are 9 tips for you if you’re planning an overseas tour for the first time.

  1. Carry copies of your passport – It is very scary to think that you go abroad, and your passport gets stolen. Even if it happens, you can get back to your country if you carry copies of your passport. Even better, leave a copy of your passport at home or with someone trustworthy. Also, make an electronic copy and store it in your email account.
  2. Have an idea about the conversion rate – Find out the conversion rate so that you’re well aware and can plan accordingly.
  3. Check with your insurance company – Check with your health insurance provider whether or not your policy applies to overseas as well. Also, check out whether or not your policy covers emergencies if any. If required, go for a supplemental insurance policy as per your needs. Along with it, check with your doctor and make sure that you have all the required vaccinations, and you have renewed prescriptions.
  4. Carry a charger adapter with you – Different countries have different voltage and size plugs. So, make sure you’ll be able to charge your iPad or iPod. It’s better to buy a universal travel adapter.
  5. Pack a set of clothes in your carry-on bag – Always have a set of clothes and necessary medicines in your carry-on bag. In case the airline loses your luggage, you’ll have a dress change with you along with your regular medicines, if any.
  6. Check with your credit card companies – Call your credit card company to make sure that your card(s) will work in the country you’re visiting. Also, sometimes, the credit card companies turn off cards as a security measure when they find that a transaction is happening in another country. So, informing them beforehand will help you avoid this inconvenience.
  7. Carry phone numbers in writing – It is better if you carry some important phone numbers, written in a notebook, with you. Even if you’re not able to use your mobile phone, if you have the numbers, you can make the required calls.
  8. Get yourself registered with your embassy – If you register yourself with your embassy, then it’ll be easier for the government to contact you if required and you can get back home in case of any problem.
  9. Carry guidebooks – Guidebooks are the best friends of overseas travelers. You can get every possible information – road maps, weather, sightseeing attractions, cuisine information, etc., which will help you in a new country.

So, wish you a very happy and exciting trip! Don’t forget your share your experience here…


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