Avoid money traps and take full advantage of the offers this Memorial Day

What are your plans for this Memorial Day long weekend? I’m sure most of you have already made your plans as the weather is quite favorable in most parts of the nation. Here are some information about the deals which you can take advantage of during this time. Check out whether these things are there in your Memorial Day weekend checklist. Here are also some small tips to save money on travel during this long weekend.

Avoiding to buy seasonal items during this time

It is known to everyone that Memorial Day marks the official start of summer season. Therefore, you may be tempted to purchase patio furniture and barbeque grills, if you want to buy a new one for your home or want to replace the older ones. But, very few of you know that these items are relatively more during this time. If you wait for about a month, then you may get these items at a cheaper price.

Filling up fuel tank of your car before the weekend

Usually, gas prices are higher during weekends, especially during long weekends. Therefore, fill up your car fuel tank before the weekend. Especially if you’re planning a long drive, then make sure you fill up your gas tank beforehand in order to save money on gas.

Considering the big-ticket item sale

The dealers usually lower the sticker price of big-ticket items significantly during the Memorial Day. For example, the car dealers usually lower the price to a great extent. However, the experts suggest that you should do your own research regarding what features you want in your new vehicle, so that you’re not carried away by the salesperson talks. You can also compare the prices online before you visit the stores physically. It will help you buy a vehicle of your choice at a relatively lower price.

Taking advantage of the apparel sales

The deals on apparels are lucrative during the Memorial Day weekend. More or less all stores start featuring these sale items much before the long weekend. You can check out some retailers such as, Nautica, Macy’s, Walmart, Amazon, etc. for special Memorial Day sales information. Along with the apparels, the home goods stores also offer items with attractive price-tags. So, if you’ve done your spring cleaning and are ready with the list of items you need to purchase, then check out the stores, such as, Pottery Barn, Sears, KMart, T. J. Maxx, etc. You may find out your favorite items at much lower price. Likewise, try to visit the outlet stores at your city; they also offer lucrative discounts on items.

Making a trip to the grocery stores

Do you know that the grocery stores also offer items at lucrative price during this time? Yes, it is true. Not only the lifestyle stores, but also the grocery stores offer “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” deals on chosen items. However, I always say that you should check out the expiry dates before you buy such items in bulk to be sure that you’ll be able to consume them before the items perish.

Saving bucks on travelling

Most of you plan to travel during the Memorial Day weekend. I feel it’s always better to make the travel plans in advance to compare shop and choose dates when you’ll get air tickets and hotels at a relatively cheaper price. However, it may always not be possible to make travel plans in advance. In such a situation, you can follow certain tips to save money. Instead of choosing to fly to the destination airport, you can buy tickets to travel to an alternate airport, if that’s cheaper. From there, you can drive down to your destination, However, before doing so, compare the prices so that you can choose the option that’ll help you save more.

So, make your long weekend plans and spend time with your family!

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