What to buy and what not to buy in Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving – That time is here for which you’ve saved for long. You should be looking for discounts and online deals, and making your shopping list so that you can run to the stores to grab your favorite items.

However, this is not the right time to purchase anything and everything.

Here is a brief guide for you to decide what can be on your shopping list and what shouldn’t.

What to buy:

  • Take out a new credit card
  • The banks know very well that in the 4th quarter, during the holiday season, plastic cards get charged quite a bit. So, they entice customers by providing lucrative perks to obtain new credit cards.
    Moreover, these cards often come with no annual fee.
    You can opt for such a card, but first of all, research well so that you know you’re opting for a good deal. And, make sure you pay the outstanding bill at every billing cycle to avoid interest payments and enjoy the bonuses completely.

  • Buy that dream car of yours
  • According to the pricing researchers at the Web site Truecar.com, Thanksgiving and Black Friday is the best time to buy a vehicle, even high-end cars.
    They say that Thanksgiving and Black Friday is not just limited to buying televisions, electronic items, toys or woolen garments.
    So, while making your shopping list or garments, tops and other household or gift items, make sure you also research on the cars if you have a plan to buy a new one.
    However, keep a track since most car dealers usually offer good discounts at the end of the year since they want to make room for new car models.

  • Choose your favorite clothing
  • Usually, the retailers offer pretty similar deals like the previous year. So, it can help you get an idea.
    You can expect about 50-60% discount on chosen products of your favorite brands. It may go up to about 80% off. So, collect coupons beforehand if they’re providing them.
    However, you may get the best discount on Cyber Monday and not on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

  • Look for deals on electronic gadgets
  • You can check out the discounts on the electronic gadgets online. Most of the websites advertise these discounts some days earlier to Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
    You can buy budget laptops, television sets, low-end MacBooks, iMacs, and e-readers.

  • Make a list of kitchen appliances you need
  • The kitchen goods and appliances often come at lucrative price tags. You can expect around 50% discount on these appliances.
    So, this is a good time to make a list of these appliances so that you can research on the deals available online and in stores.

  • Purchase large home appliances
  • Just like kitchen appliances, this is also a good time to purchase large home appliances as well. You can look for washer and dryer units, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and refrigerators.
    Look for these deals at the big stores to get lucrative discounts.

What not to buy:

  • Better not to purchase fitness equipment
  • It is probably not the best time to buy fitness equipment as you may expect better deals after the festive season.

  • Wait for next year to buy jewelry
  • Usually, the end of November is not the right time to shop for jewelry. So, wait for January and buy for Valentine’s Day.

  • Purchase gift cards in December
  • Though you receive some good deals on gift cards during this time, yet this is not the best time to buy gift cards. Instead, buy these cards in December when you can expect the best deals.

  • Avoid buying Broadway tickets now
  • In the month of January, several popular shows offer 2 tickets for the price of 1. Moreover, some shows even offer discounts for up to 4 weeks.

  • Buy holiday decorations after the holidays
  • It may sound weird but be a smart buyer and purchase holiday decorations after the holidays. You get some real discounts during that time.

  • Wait a while before buying winter apparels
  • If you are not new to this country or facing harsh winters for the first time, you can wait for winter apparel clearance sales in January since the markdowns are even 75% at that time.

While shopping on Thanksgiving, it is better if you go through the deals online so that you can make a list which stores to visit and when to shop online. Doing so, you can save time and purchase your favorite products at the most suitable price.

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