Extension of smart phone battery.

Can you extend your smartphone’s battery? Yes, you can…

Your phone switched off automatically as the charge has exhausted. It’s annoying – right? But, you’ll be happy to know that you can extend your smartphone’s battery to some extent by following certain tips, which I’m discussing in the following lines.

I also didn’t know about this a few weeks back. But, one day, I went out to dine with a friend, and while I was trying to make an important call, my phone’s battery went down to 3% charge. I forgot to put my phone in the charge that day. But, is it possible to charge phone every day? Moreover, I notice the charge going down whenever I browse something on the Internet.

However, as I was telling, I’ve come to know that we can extend the smartphone’s battery. At least it helps when I know that the charge is less, and all I want is the mental satisfaction that I’m connected to others, anyhow.

9 Tips which you all can follow:

Reduce the screen brightness

A large bright screen of your smartphone is the enemy of your phone’s battery. Usually, the phones have an auto-brightness feature which automatically adjusts to the screen’s brightness to suit the surrounding lighting levels.

Switch to airplane mode

Do not use Wi-Fi connection if the coverage is poor. What happens is, your phone uses energy to search for a good signal and in turn, the charge gets reduced. So, in such a situation, switch to airplane mode which will turn off all wireless features.

Reduce push notifications

When you are running out of battery, you can reduce the frequency of notifications, such as email, messages, updates, etc. Instead, opt for checking your message from time to time.

Opt for a shorter screen timeout

Set your screen’s timeout to as short as possible. Do you know that it requires four times more power if you set your screen timeout to 1 minute? Studies have reported that on an average, a person turns on smartphone about 150 times a day.

Switch off vibrate option

If you don’t need it, switch off the vibrate alert from the incoming calls. The phone usually uses more power to vibrate than to ring it.

Use the power-saving mode

The smartphones usually come with a power-saving mode option. When you opt for it, the screen turns black and white, the display gets darkened, and the non-essential features are turned off. This option is usually available under “Settings”.

Block the advertisements

Your smartphone uses power when it downloads mobile ads. So, install ad blocker to extend the battery life.

Opt out from automatic email updates

Your smartphone updates your email automatically by using a technology called “push”. Having it active throughout the day will use a lot of your phone’s battery. So, it is better if you manually refresh and check your emails at certain intervals.

Download music and play

Download music and play it when you want to. It will extend the battery. When you opt for online streaming with Wi-Fi connection, your phone uses relatively more battery.

Sometimes, I check my phone’s battery usage list to find out which apps are using more energy. The apps, which remain active for a long time, uses a lot of battery power. So, if you find one, disable these activities, and you’ll have more time to use your phone before putting it in charge.

Another app which most of us use though we don’t need it – location tracking. If you don’t need it, disable it.

So, for now. Let’s follow these tips when needed, till the phone companies come up with smartphones with better battery life.

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