9 Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending much

Valentine’s Day is round the corner. Everyone is excited to celebrate it with their loved ones, friends, and family. It is quite natural that you’ll like to spend it nicely, give gifts, and so on. 

While celebrating your V-Day, keep in mind to not overspend much. You might have spent a lot during the holiday season and you have to repay the debts. 

Then, why not spend this Valentine’s Day frugally?

Here are a few ways to spend V-Day without spending much. 


  1. Make homemade chocolates and gifts 

What can be the better gift than preparing something with your hands? You will find chocolate recipes online. Check that and make yummy chocolates yourself.  You can also make DIY gifts for your loved ones.

2. Spend time together

On this special day, you will like to spend time together. The best gift you can give someone is your time. You can spend a good time by preparing a meal together, especially if both of you like cooking. Why not try to cook a version of one of your favorite restaurant dishes? 

3. Go for a long drive together

You won’t have to spend much if you go for a long drive with your partner. Both of you can talk to each other in a place where no one will be around. Both of you can also visit a place where you met for the first time.

4. Do something which both of you like

There must be something which both of you enjoy even if it’s not cooking. If both of you like painting, paint something together. It can be painting a vacant wall, a canvas, and so on.

5. Go for hiking together

Going for hiking is also a great idea if both of you enjoy this activity. Select a good place near your house and plan a hiking trip. You can start early in the morning. It is such a healthy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Now, let’s talk about gifts a bit more.

6. Present a personalized letter

Instead of buying an expensive greeting card, write a personalized letter for your special someone expressing your feelings. You can also write how you met the first time and relive the moments together.

7. Make your own bouquet

The cost of roses becomes skyrocketing during this time. Therefore, why not make your own bouquet? If you have flowers at your garden, choose flowers as per your choice and present the handmade bouquet to your loved one.

If you don’t have flowers in your garden, you can make artificial flowers, too. 

If you want to give roses, then mix roses with other relatively low cost flowers for your bouquet. 

8. Gift a painted vase

Do you have a plain vase or a pot at your home? Then, paint it and present it to your valentine.

9. Gift a potted plant

If your special someone likes plants, then pot a plant and present it with a painted vase. While presenting this, notice the appreciative smile in your partner’s eyes.


Valentine’s Day is not only about spending time with your loved ones. It is also about spending time with your friends and family whom you care about. So, you can organize a picnic or a potluck party together. You won’t have to spend much to organize such an event and all you can have a lovely time together. 

Don’t you think these are great ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending too much? 

Please share if you have any more ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day frugally. 

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