Do we really live in the kingdom of God?

Hi, friends, how are you? Till now, you have read different blogs on They are basically on lifestyle or personal finance. Today, I want to discuss something spiritual. Have you ever thought why do we live on earth? Who is the reason behind our creation? Is there any existence of the Kingdom of God? Neither you nor I can give any definite answer to this question.

Let’s discuss what knowledge I have gathered:

Who is God? 

The Bible says God is made with the same substance from which the earth is made. You may have heard about incarnation. It means that Jesus is the son of God. He came into our world under the skin of a man to protect us from sins. In Christianity, God is the ultimate creator. Not only the creation but God also protects every living and non-living object on earth.

What is the kingdom of God?

You can get a mention of the kingdom of God from both the Old and New Testament. The Kingdom starts with Jesus’s birth in the world. Let’s check out how the Kingdom of God is described in different names throughout the bible. ‘The Kingdom of Christ’, ‘Kingdom of Christ and God’, ‘Kingdom of Heaven’,… these are the different names which are written in the Bible.

What the Holy Bible has meant by it?

‘Kingdom of God’, the word has a deep and thoughtful meaning. The Holy word has appeared frequently in the New Testament. Jesus himself has uttered the term ‘Kingdom of God’ several times. 

Now have a look at the different explanations of this term:  

  • The rule of Jesus on earth is signified by it.
  • The Holy Bible says if you live under His rule, you will be blessed. 
  • If you are a Christian, it means you are protected under Jesus’s rule. 

Bible has primarily interpreted the term in these 3 ways.

What is the history behind mysticism?

The idea of God as the king is first described in Judaism. Even Jesus himself, in his native language Aramaic, has described the Kingdom of God as ‘Malkut’. Malkut is not a geographically marked area. Jesus told his disciples that ‘Malkut’ means ‘Complete surrender before your God’. 

Is taking debt considered a sin?

I have heard the question many times that does church prohibit people from obtaining debt? The question has especially come from people who suffer from theophobia. I am clarifying today all your doubts. The Bible has warned people against taking any kind of loan. But it was not completely against taking debts. The Holy book has clearly said you can take out a loan but it is completely your responsibility to pay off your debt. So, taking a loan out of necessity is not a crime. If you are unwilling to pay it off to the creditor on time, it will be considered blasphemy. Also, being in debt means you’re serving 2 masters, one ‘debt’ and the other ‘God’. Therefore, you need to pay off debt as fast as you can so that you can serve God wholeheartedly. 

Are Christ and Christianity relevant for today?

Some people are doubtful about the relevance of Christ and Christianity in the present world. Stephen Hawking has explained everything in his book ‘A Brief History of Time’. Space, gravity, black hole, etc each point is explained. You don’t need to believe in God anymore.

Believe me, our belief in God has its place and science has its place in our life. You should read the interview of any famed person or the biography. 

Their faith in their respective Gods will surprise you. I am assuring you, my friend, Christ has not lost His relevance in the 21st Century.

What are the recent debates behind it?

Christians, for generations, have believed that Jesus is the son of God without making any question. The recent argument arises over claims made by some books and researches. One such book, the ‘Lost Gospel’, has claimed that Jesus had a wife. Moreover, the book says Jesus has two children. 

The theory is made famous by none other than Mr. Dan Brown. In his book the ‘Da Vinci Code’, Mr. Brown has said even 1500 years old Aramaic manuscript has claimed Jesus had a family. 

As usual, the Vatican City has denied the two books as fiction. According to them, there is no truth behind the stories. The ongoing debate has not shown any conclusion until now.

Does Christianity claim it is the best religion in the world?

The Bible has never claimed Christianity is the best religion in the world. Rather it has said religion cannot be counted by good, better, or best. Every religion is created to spread love. You can check the core points of the Geeta, Quran, Bible, or Torah. Everyone has advised to spread love and shun hatred. 

These debates will continue forever. My simple suggestion is to believe in God without keeping any doubt in your mind. You can make a complete surrender to Him for your peace of mind. Amen!   

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