Do you know the right way to cook your meal?

While cooking I always think – Am I cooking the food right? I am not talking about the taste; more important is cooking the food the best way so that it’s healthy. I have seen that some of my friends don’t know the right way to cook food. Though I can’t follow everything what it’s supposed to be, yet I try to follow some simple tips while cooking.

Here are some simple tips which you can follow too:

Wash your hands thoroughly – I used to think that it’s sufficient to wash the fruits and vegetables; but, most of the germs are contaminated through hands. So, you should wash your hands thoroughly before cooking.  

Clean the vegetables nicely – The fruits and vegetables also need to be cleaned thoroughly, especially the ones which you won’t peel. Peeling the skin of the fruits and vegetables help remove dirt and germs. You may also use washing up liquids which are specially meant for fruit and vegetable cleaning.

Cook at the right temperature – You cannot cook each and every food at one temperature. Some food need to be cooked less while some require cooking at the right temperature to kill harmful bacteria. Usually, non-veg food requires cooking at the right temperature.

Try to cook on a slow flame – Cooking on high flame reduces the nutrients of foods. So, try to cook on a slow flame as much as possible.

Along with it, it is very much necessary to clean your kitchen after preparing every meal. Often people forget to clean the chopping boards nicely. But, it’s very much necessary. So, clean the worktops and chopping boards with soap and scrubber.

Another thing – Always refrigerate the leftovers in a tight container and don’t keep them for long. Consume the food within one or two days.

Following the above tips will help you save money and stay healthy.

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