Drink water to be healthy: Best times and tips to drink water

It is a universal fact that drinking water is good for health. However, many of you wonder how much water to drink? Well, Many health experts say that you should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. 

However, do not drink abnormally. It might affect your kidneys. Actually, you need to drink water as per your body weight and weather. Drink about an ounce of water for each pound of your weight, every day.

Best times to drink water

Make a chart and make sure you drink water during these times:

The first thing to do in the morning

It is a very good practice to have a glass of warm water as soon as you wake up. It puts your body into gear and prepares yourself for the entire day. Moreover, your body becomes dehydrated over the night. So, it helps to supply the required nourishment.

Always before lunch and dinner

Drinking water for about 30 min. before a big meal actually prepares your stomach for the food. It creates a lining. Experts say that the water helps enhance the taste of food and also helps avoid being uncomfortable due to acidic and spicy food.

Before you bid the day bye-bye

When you drink a glass of clear water, preferably warm, before going to bed, you can avoid becoming dehydrated in the night. However, it is better to avoid drinking more as it may disturb your sleep if you need to visit the bathroom in the night. 

Apart from the above, you also need to drink water:

When you are tired

Do you know that fatigue is also a sign of dehydration? Yes, it is. So, when you’re feeling fatigued, have a glass of water. It will give you an instant boost of energy. Even it helps if you’ve not been able to get required amount of sleep the previous night. But, don’t make it a habit. 

Before and after a workout

It is a common myth that we shouldn’t drink water before a workout. On the contrary, you need to sip water even during strenuous workouts to prevent yourself from being dehydrated. And, after a workout, drink to replenish the loss of fluids during the workout.

When you are not well

The doctors say that when you’re exposed to germs, drink more water. That means when you’re not well, suffering from a cold, or even visiting someone in the hospital. A well-hydrated body is not a favorable place for germs and viruses to multiply.

Unique ways to drink water

There are a number of benefits of drinking water. But, how to drink a sufficient amount of water?

Here’s how to do it:

Make your water palatable

You can mix a lot of things in your water and make it tasty to drink throughout the day. Add a citrus fruit and make it tasty.

Eat more spicy food

Astonished? But, it’s true. Drinking more spicy food will naturally make you drink more. However, eat in moderation. Eating more spicy food can cause stomach upset.

Substitute with water-rich food

You can meet the required water target by eating food with significant water content. It includes cucumber, watermelon, along with green tea, tea, and so on. Yes, correcting the popular belief that tea isn’t good. Tea contains a lot of water.

Buy a beautiful water bottle

You won’t like to drink water from a bottle that’s not good to look at. So, invest in a good and clear water bottle. You can also buy a crazy straw to make it fun to drink water from it.

A great tip is to keep a water bottle everywhere so that you don’t forget to drink water amidst work. And, you won’t have an excuse not to drink water because you’ll have to get it. 

Happy drinking !!

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