How can we stay physically and mentally healthy during this tough time?

No matter how much we look forward to staying at home by taking a break from our busy schedule, we can now understand it’s not that easy; especially when we’re compelled to stay at home. The situation becomes even tougher when we are staying alone or you’re far from your family. 

However, the need of the time is to keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy in whatever situation we are. 

Let’s follow these things to be physically and mentally healthy. 

Make a routine for weekdays and weekends

Irrespective of whether you’re working from home or not, make a routine for the weekdays and weekends. It will help you to do all your work along with enjoying some ‘me-time’ and ‘we-time’. Also, have a separate routine for the weekends. Plan what you love to do alone or with your family members. It can be gardening or even cleaning and decluttering your house. The experts say that decluttering and organizing your house helps to have good mental health. 

Engage in some kind of exercise

It is a must. Take up an exercise program depending on your age, ability, and liking. Yes, liking! It will be difficult for you to pursue an exercise routine if you don’t like it. You can at least walk for some time in your backyard. But, maintain social distancing if you’re walking in your community. Avoid talking to people from close; maintain the required distance. And, avoid visiting anyone’s home at this time. 

Have a positive frame of mind 

It is difficult but while being safe at home, let’s use this opportunity to do something which we have always wanted to do. If you browse through social media websites, you’ll find people are cooking, nurturing a hobby, painting, taking pictures, and so on. It is good. You will be happy that you’re doing something productive. 

Manage stress and have a good sleep

You won’t get a good sleep if you can’t manage stress. Now that you have time, don’t compromise with your sleep. In most parts of our country, we are working from home. Practice meditation or yoga to manage stress. Start doing it and you’ll develop the habit of doing so. Do not over-expose yourself to the news. Talk to friends and family members to be in touch and to avoid loneliness. Have video chats if you’re staying all alone. Have a conversation with your colleagues. It will help to have social connections too. 

Continue your medicines or if possible consult your doctors

Do not stop your ongoing medicines without consulting your doctor. If you have to take some medicines regularly, arrange for the medications well in advance, if possible. If required, mail your doctor for any help. 

Unwind yourself

Do something that makes you happy. It will clear your mind. It can be playing with your children, reading a nice book, watching a web series, organizing your stuff, and so on. Just it’s better not to spend more. Try to save as much as you can.  

Take up something challenging

Yes, do it! Find out what you want to do but couldn’t do it. 

Do you love reading? Then, start writing a bit. It can be a blog or simply a diary. If you love listening to music, sing something. Find out what you can. 

Have a healthy meal

We need to build our immunity to combat this disease. So, plan your meal carefully. You don’t have to eat a lot to maintain immunity. It is not expensive either. Plan your weekly meals during the weekends. You should have a balanced diet. And, look after yourself along with your family members. Do not compromise with your health. Love yourself too!

We all can stay safe and overcome this difficult situation. I will again say, the bright sunshine is awaiting! We just have to keep hope. Let’s be positive and take care of ourselves!

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