How to choose the best airline for your upcoming Christmas trip

Hi guys! Happy greetings for October! We have already reached the mid-October period. Now we all are super busy with our work, study, etc. But secretly all of us are waiting for Christmas! No offense. Christmas is just two months away! If you have any travel plans for Christmas, start it planning from today. 

Check out how many days off we can get in Christmas

After 25th December, 26th December is Boxing Day. If you can extend your holiday up to New Year then you will get a definite 8 days of holiday. Now make a plan, in these 8 days where you can go. 

If you have decided to go to Europe or Mauritius, then making flawless planning will be your priority. As you are booking an international flight, it usually means you will be flying for long hours. So, choosing the right kind of airplane service will benefit you ultimately. 

What to choose while picking up the flight service

Is it the first time you have chosen to fly abroad? You must pick up the international flight service in a well-planned way. Check out important tips while flying abroad for the first time.

Take help from the internet. You can search how the crews of the international flight have dealt with the passengers. Have they collected and handled the baggage in the right manner? 

Read the commuters’ reviews about their experience on the flight. 

Is there any complaint about a particular airplane company? Lastly which flight service is giving you tickets at the lowest rate. 

By doing so, you are saving a good amount that you can utilize on good quality food or hotel while you are traveling.

How can you book flights at a low cost?

Some people think holiday means spending without thinking much. Hey friend! Never make that mistake. I am sure even Mr. Gates and Mr. Bezos think twice before making luxury spending. 

So, try to remain within your budget during your holiday. You should check on the internet which travel agency or flight service is offering you tickets at a low price. 

3 Key points to remember while booking low-cost flights

1. Book your tickets early:

There is a trick of booking your flight tickets at the cheapest rate. I am going to share the secret formula with you, in case you don’t know! It is always better to book your tickets two months before Christmas. You will get the best offer on airfare. 

2. Make a break journey on your way:  

Suppose you are going to the Far East like Bali or Phuket from Dallas or Atlanta. You can easily choose a break journey flight. You can save your money as well as the jet lag won’t affect you much. You will also get some breathing space at the stopover airport. Take help from They will give you detailed information about your flight journey, stopover airport, etc. 

3. Choose low-cost airlines:

Those days had gone when flying abroad was a dream for middle-class Americans. With the introduction of budget carriers, you can travel anywhere at a low cost. 

Let’s check out the options you have at low-cost airlines 

  1. Virgin America: The pet project of Mr. Richard Branson is still a favorite with us. Americans believe in Virgin America!
  2. JetBlue Airways: If your destination is the exotic beaches of the Caribbean Islands, choose only JetBlue Airways! You can have fun in an inexpensive but safe way.
  3. Southwest Airlines: Welcome to the world’s largest low-cost carrier! It is Southwest Airlines. You can check their website. For the upcoming festive season, the airline is offering two bags free for economy class. It means you can take more luggage without any tension of paying more.   

The Holy holiday season is approaching very fast. Hurry! Start making your holiday plan from today; otherwise, you will miss the benefits of booking flight tickets at a cheaper rate.

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