How to do work from home efficiently: 6 Tips

Work from home has become a necessity, not a choice anymore. Many people also choose to work from home to strike a balance between work life and personal life.

Not only during this pandemic phase, often you have to choose work from home to maintain work-life balance and look after your family.

So, here a few tips on how you can excel in working from home.

Set up a designated office space

Do you have a separate room at your home that you can turn into a home office? Even if you don’t have one, set up a desk at the corner of any room for a designated workspace. Keep only your work-related things there. Sit there only when you’re working and don’t work from any other place. Also, it is important to have comfortable office furniture. Invest in ergonomic furniture to avoid fatigue and health issues.

Get dressed up in your office attire

The psychologists say that your confidence increases when you are dressed officially. So, along with a designated workplace, also dress up properly when you’re working from home. It will help you to stay motivated. You can dress up casually on Fridays.

Plan a strict schedule

Make a to-do list and at the end of the day, check out how much you’ve achieved. Set a definite login and logout time. If required, set an alarm so that you don’t continue working throughout the day. Discover when you’re most productive. Keep your most important work during that time. If you have 2 laptops/computers, use one for office purposes and another for other work. Maintain work-life balance by disconnecting at the end of the day.

Avoid distractions

Sometimes we have to juggle between the office and housework when working from home. However, it might hamper your work efficiency. So, to do work from home efficiently, it is better to have a separate time for office and household work. Well, you can take short breaks in between to do your housework. But, the rest of the time let your family members know that you’re doing office work and you shouldn’t be disturbed unless it’s urgent. Communicate to your family members that even if you’re at home, you’re working.

Stay connected with your colleagues

It is quite natural that you’ll miss the face-to-face interaction with your colleagues, which is good for your mental health too. Therefore, have video chats with your colleagues to discuss work issues. Also, have coffee chats. How’s it possible? Well, you can have virtual weekly coffee chats or even lunches with your team members. There are several such video chat apps that you can use.

Do not avoid breaks

Experts say that a few short breaks are better than a long break. It increases your work efficiency. Moreover, you need to get up from the work station for a few seconds after every 30 min. It is required for your health.

In the end, I want to stress that you maintain your physical and mental health while working from home. To do so, eat healthily and have some time to exercise; either take a walk, stretch yourself, or even start an exercise video of your choice and follow it. However, be careful that you don’t do something which is strenuous and you’ve never done before. Consult with a doctor before starting an exercise program.

So, geared to give your best performance while working from home? Stay healthy, maintain a work-life balance, and enjoy work.

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