Is it possible to balance work and family at the same time?

I have noticed that most of the working moms feel guilty that they have to leave their child at home or they can’t spend enough time with the child. Rather, every working mom should feel that they’re earning dollars, which in turn, definitely helps in the upbringing of the child.

Studies have revealed that adult men, who grew up with working moms, spend on about 7.5 hours more on childcare every week. The daughters of working mothers also grow up to be confident.

So, stop feeling guilty and try to strike a perfect work-life balance. I have seen many of my friends doing so. I’m discussing 9 tips shared by them.

  1. Look for a quality childcare – The support system needs to be good in order to excel in both professional and personal life. So, at first, look for a quality childcare. Make a list of criteria which are important and interview qualified child care providers. You can schedule a paid playdate with your child and see how your child and the nanny are interacting with each other. A good child care provider should have required experience, a good reference and a record to prove.
  2. Create a support network – Connect with the other parents of your child/children in your neighborhood and create a support network. You can drop 2 kids to school and any other parent can pick them up from school. This way you can have one less trip.
  3. Get organized every night – Even if you’re tired, get everything organized at the night during the weekdays. It means, deciding what you’ll wear, pack the lunch, etc. Also, pack all your bags and keep them in such a place from where you can just grab and go.
  4. Make a to-do list – You may think that it’s a waste of time to make a to-do list. However, in reality, it can save your time. So, sit down and prepare a to-do list for the week. You can perform better as you won’t have to remember the things. You can also put an alarm for the important things that need to be done. You can divide the list into 2 portions – Work and Home. You can simply scan through to see what needs to be done, do it one by one and keep ticking off.
  5. Discuss and share the chores – You may try to be a supermom by doing all the work alone but, it is not possible. Instead, discuss with your partner and family members and share the work. You can even involve your kids in the discussion. They will love to do these work.
  6. Stay connected with your child – You can chat with your children even if you are not together. You can record your voice or sing on a video along with your children. You can also record a storybook. Your child can hear or view it when you’re at your office. If your child has any event and you won’t be able to attend it, then in the morning, you can gift a good-luck charm with a personal note.
  7. Take out time for family activities – It is very important to spend quality time with your children. If you’re busy, then try to have family breakfast daily; also, arrange a family night per week when you’ll play video games with your child or watch a movie together. If you can’t interact with your children during the weekdays, plan family outings and discuss with your kids their interests, hobbies, friends, activity suggestions, etc. Avoid checking your phone and talking about work during this time.
  8. Schedule a daily me-time – This is very important, even if it’s half ‘n’ hour every day. If you can’t spend even 30 minutes, break it into 10-minute breaks. This can also help. Do whatever you like – take a stroll, read a book, do some exercises, sit in front of TV with a cup of coffee, etc. This will help you feel more balanced and fulfilled.
  9. Spend some we-time – This is equally important. So, schedule some we-time at least during the weekends. After your kids go to sleep, spend time with your partner watching a movie, or plan a vacation. What you do is not important but doing it together is important.

Above all, it is very important to be at 100% work and at 100% home. So, make a routine and manage your hours efficiently so that you can finish work at your office and don’t have to carry your work to your home. If you’re working from home, designate hours when you’ll do your official work and have some time to spend with your children. This way, you’ll be able to excel in your career and enjoy with your children, at the same time.

So, what is your tip about striking the perfect work-life balance?


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