The know-what’s of back-to-school shopping

It is that time of the year to start rushing to stores, with a long list of items, in a tensed mindset. Looking for sales here and there. Young adults, boys and girls, college goers, eager parents, all hurrying down the shopping aisles and mall lanes. The children turning heads for branded and marked items while the parents fidgeting or biting their nails.

It is that time of the year again that sends happy smile on the students’ face and devilish grins of satisfaction to the sellers. We are exclusively talking of the back-to-school shopping days.

There will be so many demands and you being a parent will have to fulfil them. It concerns both your child’s happiness and future.

Here we are to help you somewhat with this shopping spree.

We will be listing the points to keep in mind as dos and don’ts of back-to-school shopping.

The dos:

Make a list, forward to shopping and cut down the ‘unnecessary’ or ‘already-have’ items. Arrange all the leftovers from past year’s shopped goods. Write them down in a paper or in the notes section of your smartphone, so that they come handy.

Make sure you buy the textbooks first. If you are done with the learning materials then you will feel a lot relaxed and can simplify your shopping a lot.

If you are shopping for prep school, then consult with the school teachers once. They will be able to give you an idea of all the basic stationery items that your child needs.

Get an overview of your budget beforehand, as you head into a store. Making financial decisions in a shop is sometimes quite attention grabbing and embarrassing.

There is no need to rush and shop everything in one day. It is always advised to surf the market first, compare the prices, and look out for sales. Take your time and break your shopping into a 2-3 days structure. You may shop apparels one day and keep another day for stationery goods.

Mark out the the most wanted items first. These include pens, pencils, binders, files, notebooks, loose papers, glues, crayons, rulers, glitters and so on.

Give it a complete years shopping and buy in bulk. The school items are never left unused. Your child will be needing them every now and then. Moreover shopping in bulk will help you save a lot of money. There are always discounts for items bought in multiple numbers. Even if after a year’s turn you are left with a lot of items unused, it’s good; you can subtract it from the coming year’s list.

Look out for sales. They usually take place in the odd times of the year. Merchandisers and companies throw out these sales in months before or after the school year starts. You can surely buy great number of items, which may also include branded or trendy supplies at a very low price.

You can also use online shopping as a huge plus tool to give it an easy shopping experience.Check out websites like Amazon, Alibaba, where you can find series of deals on a lot of items. The biggest option is for you to just order the items; add it to your cart, check out the list of your “leftover” items and cancel out those that you don’t need or you already have. This will not only help you save time but also energy and money.

The don’ts:

Never encourage your child by completely letting them choose as per their wants. It is you who will be paying out the bills at the end of the day. Make them understand their needs. The best way to make them get what they wish, is to make them do a promise or a resolution. Like tell them, if they score high percentage this year, then maybe next year you will hand out to them a Bieber shirt or a Lucky Luke folder.

Don’t buy unnecessary items by listening to your child. You always know better than them. Make sure to fulfil their needs as it is this time that every child dreams of for the whole year. They have their own plans and you have your own. Sit down with your kid and sort out the goods.

If you are a college goer and you desperately need a new tablet or a laptop, go easy on your parents. You are a grown up now who must learn to value objects and money. Remember, you already owe them a lot for bringing you up.

Never let yourself be misled by the smiles and catchy tunes of the salespersons as they will try to look for their benefits. Choose your items the way you want to. Use your brains and go according to your list of items.

Before we end this discussion, I would say, it is one of those happiest times of the year for shopping and exploring. So go out with your kid and have lots of fun. Make them feel happy and choose what their heart wants. But always remember to keep an eye on your budget and then go hands free on the back-to-school carnival.

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Have a splendid time.

Happy shopping!


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