Layering – The fashion mantra during the Fall season

Layering! A favorite name for every fashionable person, especially during this time of the season – the Fall season. And, if you’re staying in a relatively cold climate, like me, then you’ve already taken out your sweaters, jackets and shopping for the same, and getting ready to face cold, chilly winters.

I just love the layering look. Here, today, I thought of sharing some of my favorite tips on layering.

  • Do you have an oversized sweater? It looks lovely on a skinny jeans. Moreover, when the weather is chilly, I just wear a tight sweater inside and layer it up with an oversized pullover.
  • Ruffled dress on top of jeans and a crew-neck sweater – Just wear this combination once and look at yourself in the mirror. I like the monochromatic look in shades of blue or green. You can also play with prints when wearing this combination.
  • White t-shirt and a noodle strap dress – Instead of wearing just the dress, it can create a completely different look if it’s worn with a t-shirt. I often end up wearing these dresses with a white t-shirt when I’m not sure whether or not it’ll look good with any other color combination.
  • A colorful scarf to catch attention! If you’re staying in a cold region, then you might have taken out your colorful scarfs from your dresser. I use them almost every day. It gives me a cozy, comfortable way and bright colors uplift my mood, too!
  • An all-purpose denim jacket – Denim jackets can be worn on top of almost everything. I see both men women wearing it on top of jeans and even on white, black or colored pants. Apart from looking fashionable, it also makes you comfortable in this weather.

Above all, once one of my friends told that Fall is the time to use colors on face to create the dramatic look with make-up. You can use colorful kohl pencils and don’t hesitate to experiment with bold red and pink lipsticks.

What’s your favorite layering style statement? Share it with us.

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