‘Me’ time: Why is it important? How can you snatch your own ‘me time’?

“Sometimes you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company”

Irrespective of your age, gender, and responsibilities, you need to have some ‘me’ time for yourself. Do not give the excuse of not having any time. It is important to have time for yourself. So, you need to find out this time. If you can’t manage daily me time, at least take out some time just for yourself during the weekends.

You may think what is ‘me’ time or what does it really mean?

I feel ‘me’ time is a time when you should do what you love to do. It can be an evening stroll that you want to enjoy all by yourself or just sit with a book with a cup of hot coffee. Anything that makes you really happy.

Why you need to have ‘me’ time

Here are some me-time benefits which you need to know.

To be happy

Being happy is really important. You deserve to be happy. One of the best ways to be happy and contented is to have ‘me’ time. Only if you’re happy from within, you’ll be able to take care of your family as well.

To be mentally healthy

Staying mentally healthy is equally important like staying physically healthy, if not more. If you truly love yourself, you’ll definitely take out time for your physical and mental health. It also makes you mentally stronger to face any challenges in life. It also makes your mind calm to deal with stressful situations. This is the value of me-time.

To put yourself first

Life is precious; you have every right to enjoy it. Often you get caught up so much in fulfilling others’ demands, that you forget yourself. When you spend time on your own, you can discover yourself.

You start trusting yourself

In your ‘me’ time, you understand yourself and start trusting on your thoughts instead of relying on what others say. Doing so, you start believing in your thoughts. It helps to have a clarity of mind, too.

How to have ‘me’ time

First of all, don’t feel guilty for taking out ‘me’ time. Remember, if you’re healthy and happy, then only you can make others happy.

So, tell yourself: “and now it’s ME time”

Make sure you don’t use your me-time to complete your unfinished work.

Check out how you can have some good me-time.

Schedule your time ONLY for yourself

We all have to schedule doctor’s appointments, work meetings, and so on. Don’t you? Similarly, schedule ‘me’ time in your calendar and set a reminder. Make sure you give value to this time and make it a priority.

Delegate tasks which you can

Be it office work or household work, delegate some work to others. Talk to your partner and divide household chores. You can also ask your children to help with house errands and encourage them to do so. Allot a few dollars for the work. Doing so, they’ll also understand the value of money.

Likewise, in the office, talk to your team members and delegate some work to others. Don’t be stressed by doing all the work yourself. Others may not do the work perfectly as you do, but don’t worry. You can’t do all the work yourself.

Learn to say a ‘No’

You may also have experienced such a situation where we can’t say ‘No’. But it’s an important thing in life to learn. We need to learn how to say a ‘No’.

If you can’t avoid altogether, then at least politely say that you’ll do it after some time. At least take some time out and spend as you want to.

Create or nurture your hobby

Do you have a hobby? Take out some valuable time to nurture it. What can be more rewarding than creating something on your own? You can even read books because it’s the most fulfilling thing. You can spend your time reading books until you find to do something interesting.

Call an old friend of yours

If you don’t know what to do, you can call a friend. Sometimes, talking about old times helps to get rejuvenated. You can also meet and just enjoy each other’s company.

Grab that 5-10 minutes if that’s what you can manage

Yes, it’s true! Even a 10-minute unwinding can give you the required energy to deal with stressful work. So, if you find out even 5-10 min., take a brisk walk, listen to music, or take a power nap. It helps!

Watch your favorite television program

The trick is to watch a television program which you love but rarely get time to watch. You will be happy and relaxed if you can manage to watch such a program. Even going for a movie all alone is also a nice way to enjoy ‘me’ time.

Along with ‘me’ time, try to have some ‘we’ time too. It helps strengthen your relationship. But you shouldn’t find ‘we’ time at the cost of your ‘me’ time. Both are important.

At least during the weekends, try to take out some ‘we’ time. It can be a quiet romantic dinner, watching a movie together, or even making meals together. Whatever be it, you should enjoy doing it.

So, what is your idea of ‘me’ time? What do you like doing the most during this time?  

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