Moving Overseas? Here’s Why You Need Self Storage

Read about the many important reasons that self storage can help you during your overseas move.

If you are moving overseas the chances are that the logistics of the move are already difficult to get your head around.

Moving from A to B is relatively easy when you’re moving locally, but even then it can be a very stressful time. Moving from A to B when you are moving overseas is a whole other ballgame and the term ‘stressed’ doesn’t even cover it for many of those who have done it.

It is extremely challenging to plan the logistics of where everything and everyone needs to be at the right time when you have different modes of transport, different needs (adults, pets, children, buyers, sellers), different items and properties in different countries involved.

We cannot promise to alleviate the stress of a lot of the complications of moving overseas. But we can tell you about an amazing service that has the ability to alleviate at least a small portion of the stress for you: self-storage.

What Is Self Storage?

Self storage can be a locker or unit, shipping container or building that is anything from the size of a gym locker to a football pitch. You usually pay for it by the month and contracts are often flexible. Cheap self storage tends to place a large amount of value on the high level of security on offer to keep your belongings safe. There are lots of other benefits too, including cheaper prices compared to warehouse or office rental (for business customers), the ability to up size or downsize when you need to and often units have climate control for additional property protection.

How Self Storage Can Help When You Move Overseas

When you move overseas the logistics are at times, frightening to deal with. There is so much involved it can be very overwhelming for everyone involved. Cheap self-storage gives you a secure, safe, middle space to place your belongings where you know there is no pressure or threat to them from houses being viewed, sold, bought or renovated. For example, you might place your items in self-storage whilst your house is being viewed for sale. You may pack your items and place them in self-storage whilst you do a 6 months trial in your new country.

It may be that storing your items is necessary until you have a permanent address in your new country. Whilst the items are in cheap self-storage you do not have them holding you down, causing even more complications whilst you get to grips with everything else involved in moving overseas.

The Next Step

If you are considering using cheap self-storage to help with your move overseas, do shop around for the best price and the best value for money. Do check your contract and ensure that you can pay for the unit for as long as you need it.

With a project as huge as moving overseas, it certainly pays to invest in the kind of stress-relief that comes with having a ‘safe third location for your belongings.

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