Planning a summer vacation? 6 Tips to plan it within your budget!

Staying in Milwaukee, I always look forward for the summer months to come. It’s not that I don’t enjoy winter and spring but, summer is what I always look forward to. Summer is for planning vacations, spending time in a beach, going out with friends and lot more.

Have you planned your summer vacation or yet to plan it at the last moment, just like me? If you’re planning one, here are some tips which can help you plan your summer vacation within your budget.

1. Plan a budget for your vacation

First of all, calculate how much you’re ready to spend on your summer vacation. Then, plan a budget on how much you want to spend on food, accommodation, on enjoyment and so on. While planning, always allocate an extra amount for miscellaneous expenses and more importantly, for unknown expenses. You never know where you need to spend more. And, what if you’re able to save the amount? Give yourself a pat on the back and save it for the rainy days. Not happy? Well, you can spend a little on summer shopping. But don’t spend a lot!

2. Plan your vacation before August

Are you planning your trip in August? Plan in July instead. Most of the travellers plan trips in August just before the summer breaks in the schools end. Though travelling in June might be the better option, but you can plan during July, too. If it’s possible for you, you can also plan your trip during September; doing so, you’ll have enough time to look for great deals.

3. Try to visit less popular destinations

It is quite obvious that you’ll have to spend relatively more if you choose a destination which is popular during summer time. For example, you might not find many tourists in Florida during summer, as much as you find in winter. This time, you can also look for less travelled destinations in the nation. Ask your friends for advice. I’m sure you’ll find such a place to explore!

4. Look for restaurants where kids can eat free

It is not necessary that every time you eat outside, you have to spend a lot on kids’ meal, when most of the time, they can’t finish the whole plate. Moreover, if you’re planning to stay at your hometown this time, don’t spend on premium food every time. Search for restaurants which offer special deals on kids meal or package where kids eat at no extra cost. This will help you stay within your budget and enjoy at the same time.

5. Take a staycation this time

Everyone wants to visit other countries or other states. However, this might not be possible every time due to various reasons. So, this time why not plan something different? This summer, consider taking a ‘staycation’; become a tourist in your own hometown. I’m sure you haven’t visited each and every place in your hometown. So, make a list of the activities which you’ve wanted to do for a long time. It might be spending the weekend with your friends at a local resort or taking a camping trip at your nearby park. Think and plan something exciting!

6. Buy an extra set of toiletries

How much do you hate the idea of unpacking your luggage as soon as you come back from your vacation? Packing is fun and exciting as you look forward to going to your trip. So, this time, look for good deals of toiletries and buy one extra set or a travel pack, whichever suits you. Doing so, you can come back and get your essential items right at their place. You can also refuel your extra set when you get time and by doing so, you’ll be ready for your next trip. Doing so, you’ll also save the money for not having to buy extra set the next time.

Some additional tips:

  • Get your vehicle tuned up if you’re planning a road trip since emergency road service is relatively expensive
  • Always research for airfares and hotel accommodations to find the lowest rate
  • Know how much you can daily withdraw by using your plastic cards and whether or not you’ll be able to use them where you’re planning to visit
  • You can invest in a season’s pass where you want to visit frequently
  • Resist the temptation of having coffee at a coffee shop and save the money by finding the recipe online
  • Use coupons to buy grocery items at reduced price and carry with you on your road trip
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