Rediscovering yourself after motherhood: Why and how to do so

Motherhood brings a lot of excitement, joy, along with a little bit of anxiousness. You are always worried about whether or not you’re doing the right thing for your baby. And, with it, an identity gets stolen – yes, your identity. Once I also thought my identity is lost since I took a break from work to spend time with my children. But then, I started working from home to balance my personal and professional life. 

Once I heard one thing that you cannot make your family happy if you yourself aren’t happy. Always remember that a new mother is born with a new baby. When you give birth to a child, a new mother is born, without any experience of motherhood and usually no professional training. So, stop blaming yourself if anything goes wrong. Try to give the best to your baby but in the process, don’t lose yourself. You need to rediscover yourself after motherhood, even if not for you, for your baby – to make your children happy. 

Why do you lose your identity?

Usually, moms lose their identity because they have to slow down a bit, and you’re really busy. Many a time, you may have to take leave from your job, at least for a few months. Moreover, you’re also deprived of sleep and you think you’re losing your identity. 

Why you need to protect your identity

Let’s check out why you need to shield your identity from losing:

Your baby needs a happy mom

Your little one definitely needs a happy, rested, healthy mom. So, don’t deprive your kids or think that he/she is expecting a lot. 

You need proper rest

How will you raise a child and make the right decisions if you’re fatigued? Yes, it’s a bit difficult especially when you’re a working mom, but you need to do it. 

What will do when your kids grow up?

Always remember that your kids will have their own life once they grow up. They won’t be dependent on you once they grow up. 

Do not do a lot for wrong reasons

Stop doing what is not needed. Your baby wants you to be happy and content and enjoys your time instead of having a perfect mom. 

How not to lose yourself to motherhood

It is not that difficult. Here’s how you can avoid losing yourself to motherhood.

Love yourself

I have also experienced the same thing. At times, you think that loving yourself is a crime when you have to look for the little one. But that’s not true. Love yourself and pamper yourself. You deserve it. 

Share your work with others

A baby is the responsibility of both the father and the mother. So, if you’re not a single parent, divide responsibilities with your spouse or partner. It is not about sharing equal responsibilities of the baby. Your partner can help you in the household work when you look after the baby. This way, your workload will reduce. Even if you’re a single mother, you can ask for help from your parents from time to time. They’ll be happy to spend time with their grandchild. 

Find some ‘me’ and ‘we’ time

Not only finding out ‘me’ time but you need to look forward to ‘we’ time too. Not necessarily you’ll have to go out to spend ‘we’ time. You can have a quiet candlelit dinner or a good movie to enjoy with your partner when your baby is sleeping. Also, enjoy family time by taking a stroll outside. This way, you’ll also appreciate a good family time. 

Plan a date with your partner

You can arrange a good nanny, drop your child in a good creche, or ask your parents to enjoy with your child, and plan a romantic date with your partner. Look forward to it and try to look your best. Try to date at least once a month and reignite the romance. It will make you beautiful. Your child will also be proud to have a happening mom. It will also help you to connect with your partner in a better way and in turn, it will make your family life happy. It will reignite the romance all over again. 

Believe me! By following these tips, you’ll enjoy your motherhood, even more!

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