Regifting norms: How you can save both money and reputation

Though regifting saves you money, yet it continues to be a taboo. But, there are people who have done it at least once. Remember, regifting if done improperly will drown your reputation. But, it won’t drag you to problems if you know some good regifting etiquettes.

Rules to follow before regifting

You have opened your birthday present and found that it isn’t for you, and you wanted to regift it to someone. Has this ever happened? If so, then you must check out the rules before you hand over your gift to others.

1. The gift must be new

Clothes that you’ve worn a couple of times or a partially used Amazon gift card is a big NO. You must gift something that is new, unused, and which has the original packaging. If you don’t like a gift and want to regift it to someone, but have opened the package or used it, keep it to yourself. Regifting a used item is bad etiquette.

2. Avoid regifting a handmade or meaningful gifts

Before you give away a handmade gift, remember the sentiment and effort of the person who has made it and not the price. Handmade gifts are priceless. So, never give away any handmade gift. Imagine how bad the person will feel if he/she comes to know that you’ve regifted the special present to someone else that he/she has given you.

3. Regift outside your friend circle

It will be bad if your friend discovers that you’ve gifted an item, which one of both your mutual friend has already gifted you earlier. Trust me, it’ll be really embarrassing. So, to avoid such embarrassing situation try to avoid regifting within your friend circle. This way you’ll avoid embarrassment and won’t hurt feelings of someone.

4. Regift to charity when in doubt

Are you stuck with something that you don’t like? But, can’t regift it to a friend or family member? If yes, then consider giving it to a charity. The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and Toys for Tots are some organizations that accept new items.

Don’t forget to collect your donation receipt so that you can get a tax deduction for doing charity.

5. Never regift edible items

You can regift a bottle of wine. But, never regift baked food items that you’ve received from someone else. The food could get spoiled due to dust and moisture.

If someone gifts you a food item that you won’t eat, it’s better to share it as soon as possible.

6. Think before you regift

Don’t regift an item because you want to get rid of it. Before you regift, decide whether or not it’s the ideal present for someone.

10 Items you can regift

Here’s a list of items that you can regift without giving a second thought:

  • Candles
  • Wine
  • Books
  • Photo frames
  • Kitchen items
  • Perfume
  • Bath soaps, shower gels and lotions
  • Gift baskets
  • Gift cards
  • Toys and puzzles

You don’t have to feel ashamed of regifting. It’s a great way to save money when you’re on a budget. Just follow the regifting etiquettes and stay away from embarrassment.

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