What are the things that make a house a happy place to live in?

In one of my previous posts, I discussed how to have a non-toxic clean home. Because I believe that home is where the heart is. You have to be happy at home to live a happy life.

So, I thought of discussing how to have a happier home.

It is not that tough.

Just check out these simple tips, follow them (if there’s something new :-)), and feel the difference.

So, what are the things that make a house a happy place to live in?

Make every morning special

As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, say to yourself that you’re fortunate to have a new day in your precious life. So, don’t waste it!

Do whatever you want to make your life special.

Do not keep things for tomorrow.

Throw away things you don’t need

You will be astonished to know that clutter creates a feeling of guilt and you become stressed; you never think that work is complete.

Decluttering your home increases happiness. Only that won’t do. After decluttering, arrange the things you want to keep. You should get everything at a glance. That would save time too.

Happy memories! Bring them back

What is a happy home? What can make you happy more than happy memories that you can cherish forever?

By displaying happy pictures, you stretch that happiness to your present life. You remember all the good moments you shared with your friends and near ones.

Create happy memories

Just cherishing good memories won’t do; you have to create good memories too.

Arrange a party with good friends, plan a movie night with family, and so on. Print out the pictures and display them on your wall.

Try to do these things that make a house a home.

Turn your bedroom into a haven of relaxation

You need to relax to be productive all day. It is a proven fact that sleep is related to happiness. A survey conducted on 7000 adults revealed that those who got at least 7 hours of sleep were more productive than people who got 6 hours of sleep.

The average well-being score for people:

Hours of sleep Well-being score
8 95.7
7 64.2
6 59.4

So, do not compromise with sleep to complete pending work if it’s not that urgent.

Also, invest in a good mattress, install good dark blinds, and if possible, don’t use laptops and mobile phones in the bedroom or at least while going to sleep.

Cultivate strong relationships by helping others

It is good that you have segregated work amongst yourselves – you cook the breakfast and your husband the dinner, or you make the bed and your partner mows the lawn. However, sometimes doing others’ work will make you happy and the positivity will refresh your home.

Home is, after all, where you live with your near and dear ones and create cherishing good memories together.

Take out some time for yourself

This also should be on your priority list. Irrespective of how busy you are, you should have a particular time which you should spend the way you want.

Along with that, I would also like to add that you should have ‘we time’ along with ‘me time’. Spend some time with your partner.

If it’s not possible every day, spend some time in a week. Watch a movie, have a quiet dinner, and so on. Also, plan a time to discuss your financial matters, review them, and plan your future actions.

Feel free to add on…. :-)>/p>

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