How to transform your studio apartment into a complete apartment

How many of you don’t face a space crunch or don’t wish about having one more room in your house? Very few of you will not agree.

All of you, who are living in a studio apartment, often feel the need of having a bedroom along with an office, living space, and other necessary facilities in your house.

If I say it’s possible even if you live in a 400 sq. ft. or a 500 sq. ft. area, will you be astonished?

But. it’s possible. All you have to do is do necessary planning and make some visual illusions.

So, let’s start our discussion on how to transform your studio apartment into a complete apartment.

Make the planning

The most important part of any successful project is planning. So, before you start making renovations, make your furniture planning in a piece of paper. While doing it, keep in mind the square feet area of your apartment. The furniture shouldn’t be too heavy as it gives a cramped up look.

Create different levels in a room

This is one of the best ways to create more visual space. You can create your bedroom a little higher than the other area of your studio apartment and make it private by adding a curtain.

Place lots of colorful cushions to make the place cozy and comfortable.

Use the portion below your bed for storage.

Have different colors on the walls

Decorate the walls with different colors to have a feeling of different rooms. For example, as I suggested in the last point, when you are segregating a place as a bedroom, paint the walls in a different soothing color, to make it more lively.

Throw colorful rugs on the floor

Often underestimated, rugs also have the visual power to define places. One good way to do it is to measure the floor area of your seating arrangement and place one rug underneath the chairs and table. Make sure the rug is a little bigger than the total seating arrangement.

Have dividers to create divisions in your apartment

Instead of buying it from outside, make your own room dividers. Use your imagination. You can make a room divider that doubles up as a storage space.

You can keep books and also display your nice artifacts in this divider.

Paint the divider of your favorite color.

So, your 500 square feet apartment can also be eye-catching and your friends can envy you when they visit your house.

Add half dividers in the apartment

Instead of adding soffit height dividers, you can add half dividers or pony dividers in your apartment. Doing so, not only you’ll have a separate portion for your bed or study table but also have a wide space that will make your apartment look big.

Such a divider can double up as a coffee and dinner table if you make the top a little wide.

So, it isn’t that difficult to create your personal spaces in your studio apartment. All you need is a little imagination and the eagerness to transform.

The studio apartments also sometimes look very small. A great trick to camouflage this is to add a big mirror in your apartment. It also adds light and gives an idea of a wider space. But, place the mirror at a correct place. Don’t place the mirror where your bed is reflected because it can disturb your sleep.

One great place to attach a mirror is at a sliding door. You can have your dressing unit along with clothes rack inside the sliding door and the mirror won’t make it easily visible to your friends visiting your home. Such a big mirror will also help you have a complete look of your attire before you step out.

So, what’s your idea of transforming a studio apartment into a complete apartment? Share it here…

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