Want to arrange an enjoyable and successful party?

Who doesn’t love to party? I can see the sparkle in your eyes after hearing the word ‘party’. Even if you’re not a social butterfly, I’m sure you love partying sometimes. I love partying and I’m waiting for the summer season.

However, are you one of those who thinks arranging a party is a tough task? It’s not so. Here are 9 tips to arrange a successful party.

    • Decide where you want to throw the party – Do you want to throw the party at your home or have you decided a venue? You can pick the place as per a theme you have in mind. For example, some restaurants have jungle theme; so, if you want that theme, you can arrange the party in such a restaurant.
    • Fix a date and time – If you’re hosting the party other than your home, then talk to the management and decide a convenient date and time, so that you can make the reservations. Pick a date and time which will be convenient for most of your guests.
    • Prepare the invitation list – When you think of arranging a party, first of all, decide the invitation list. Usually, 70-80% of the people, you’re inviting, actually turn up. So, if you wish, you can send more invitations than the capacity of your venue.
    • Plan a budget – When you decide about the invitations, at first, plan a budget. It should include itemized list such as decor, food, drink, along with miscellaneous items.
    • Send invitations – I like calling people to invite them to the party. Then, I send an invitation via e-mail. It becomes easier for the invitees to respond back confirming whether or not they would join the party.
    • Plan the decor – Even if you’re hosting the party at a restaurant, talk to them and decide about the decor. It should be as per the theme of your party.
    • Plan the menu – If you’re throwing the party at your home, then decide whether you’d prepare the items or order food from outside. If you’re preparing yourself, then start doing it in advance. Order in advance if you’re ordering food from outside.
    • Clean the house if required – If the party is at your home, then decide an area where your guests will sit, chat and eat. Make sure you clean the area and make necessary arrangements so that your guests feel comfortable. A useful tip: Keep some cleaning stuff around. You never know if someone spills something on your furniture.   Also, make sure there are enough toilet papers stacked in the restroom.
    • Take pictures to create memories – Of course, you’ll like to post pictures on the Facebook about the party. So, make sure your cameras are ready for pictures and videos. You can also hire a professional if you want to. You can enjoy the party for some hours but the pictures will make good memories throughout your life.

It is a good gesture to give a token from the party, if possible, to your guests. It can be the leftover food, a cupcake, etc.

Also, make sure you tag everyone while posting pictures on the social websites.

So, when and where are you partying next?

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