Want to improve teamwork? Check out these basic rules…

“The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson

Have you ever wondered why some teams work more effectively than others? It’s because of their efficient teamwork. If you handle a team and want it to succeed, you need to manage your team effectively.

Here’s a list of rules that you should follow to improve teamwork management:

1. Divide work based on individual merit

Allocate team roles as per the strength of individual team members. If a person is good in something, give him/her tasks related to that role. For instance, if a team member has good supervisory skills, allocate supervision tasks to him/her. It’ll spread positive vibes in the team.

Moreover, if a person doesn’t suit a particular role, don’t allocate that role to him/her. It’ll create frustration, resentment, and chaos within the team.

2. Never impose your thoughts on team members

A team can never succeed if the team leader imposes his/her thoughts upon the team members. So, never try to establish your authority within the team. Instead, work as a team and give importance to the thoughts and ideas of each team member.

3. Motivate team members

Motivation is the fuel that runs the performance of team members. If team members are lagging behind, motivate them to boost their morale. Also, never miss an opportunity to appreciate team members for their good work. It’ll inspire them to perform better.

4. Make team decisions collectively

Team members should make a decision supported by each member of the team. In short, everyone should make a decision collectively. It’ll clear the air of confusion within the team and strengthen bonds among team members. Remember, decisions taken separately would ensure lower efficiency of the group.

5. Facilitate clear and open communication

A good communication system will ensure growth, high efficiency, good relationships and positive atmosphere within the group. So, try to maintain a free flow of communication among yourselves in the group. Whatever is the situation, always communicate openly and clear your doubts.

Last but not the least, whenever you’re working as a team remember this – “one for all, all for one.”

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