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When I thought of starting my blog My Way Of Viewing, I had no idea from where to start and what to do. Well, I know how it can be confusing to start a blog completely on your own. So, in today’s post, I would like to share some useful blogging tips for the blooming bloggers. Hope you enjoy reading it.

A beginner’s guide to blogging

It’s a great idea if you want to start your blog. But, do you know how to proceed? No? Don’t worry! I’ll try to guide you in the best possible manner.

Here’s a list of blogging tips for newbie bloggers:

1. Find out the reason for starting a blog

People have different reasons for setting up a blog like they want to –

  • Evolve into a better person
  • Improve their writing skills
  • Let their voice be heard
  • Strike a difference
  • Publish their works
  • Help people with their writings
  • Make money, and much more

So, first find out why you want to create a blog. Make sure you have a good reason behind it.

2. Decide the purpose of your blog

What is the type of blog you want to start? Is it a travel blog, a fashion blog or a finance blog? Yes! First, you have to decide your blog’s desired goal, which means the theme or focus of your blog. After deciding the purpose of your blog, start working on how to attract your readers.

It’s better to choose a theme you’re passionate about. Nothing is better than choosing your hobby as your blog’s theme. Moreover, you should feel good and happy doing it. Find out your interest of which you’ll be blogging such as fashion, food, finance, traveling, technology, movies, books, politics and so on. Make sure you share informative information in your blog.

3. Select a blogging platform

Choosing the right platform for your blog is vital. Some of them are free and some you’ve to buy. You can select one from the below-given list of the most popular blogging platforms for your blog:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Typepad
  • Movable Type
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Medium
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace, and more.

4. Choose a name

Though selecting a name for your blog seems easy, but actually, it’s harder. You have to choose a name that is short, related to your theme, and easily understandable by your readers. Remember, your blog’s name must be available on an all social media sites.

5. Create an email list

If you want your readers to sign-up, then open an email account first. According to Kristi Hines, freelance writer and professional blogger, “start building your email list from day one. Even if you don’t plan on selling anything, having an email list allows you to promote your new content to your audience directly without worrying about search rankings, Facebook EdgeRank, or other online roadblocks in communications.”

6. Draw ideas from your audience

Try to get ideas from blog comments or Tweets. As per Dave Larson, founder of @tweetsmarter, “Create blog posts that answer the most interesting questions from people you engage with on social media.” Find out what people would like to read.

7. Know your audience

If you understand your audience, you’ll be able to produce better blog content. You can ask your readers on social media and find out what they want. Brian Clark, founder, and CEO, Copyblogger said, “Understand your audience better than they understand themselves.”

8. Try to be different

You will find a million other blogs on the same topic you choose to write about. So, you’ve to think about the “ideas” that will make your blog stand out in the crowd. For instance, if you’re thinking of doing a cooking blog, then come up with ideas that are unique such as a cooking contest, that your readers will love.

9. Write like you talk

Another key to a successful blog is “communication.” Write your blog in a way as if you’re talking to your readers. Use words that are easily understandable. Try to build a connection with your readers through your content. Your readers must understand each and every line that you’ve written. Moreover, they should feel free to communicate with you.

10. Research well

Before you pen down anything in your blog make sure you have done your research well. Find out what your readers want to see in your blog and work according to that. You can study bigger blogs to get ideas. Also, never overlook the minute details. They’re important too!

Last but not the least, when in confusion always take help from a professional. Or, if you have any query, you can leave a comment below.

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