Winter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Enjoyment within challenges

Having lived in this place for quite a long time now, you can say that I am quite experienced and have accustomed myself with Milwaukee winter. I enjoy watching snowfall from the warmth of my home, the winter chill when I step out and watching the changes in nature with the onset of winter and spring. However, I will be lying if I don’t mention that, like most of you, I too wish that the winter season remains pleasant and daily life is not disrupted for long.

When some of you are experiencing severe winter (and I guess not much enjoying about it), I thought of sharing my experience of staying in a cold chilly city of US.

What do you hate most about winter? I feel the most annoying thing about winter season is when you need to wake up right in the morning, even before sunrise, and need to clean snow from your car. Some days back I made a mistake of leaving my car outside. In the morning, it took almost about half n hour to clean the car even after switching on the car’s heater. And, I would be lying if I don’t mention here that it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I promised myself to not make this mistake again, that is, leave my car outside, during winter months.

Another thing – shoveling the snow outside. Shoveling is fun when it’s first snowfall and as long as it can be cleared within an hour, but not this time, when it’s inches and inches of snow. This is why sometimes I feel moving to a nice apartment during this time to avoid shoveling; but, it’s not feasible and I love my home. However, I praise myself for making a wise decision last year. I bought a good snow blower right after the winter season. The snow blowers are usually offered at a relatively lower price after the winter season. So, if you live in an area where you experience severe winter, then plan your budget accordingly to invest in a good snow blower this year; believe me, you’ll not regret about your decision in the next winter.

Especially during the winter season, I stock my kitchen well. I follow the weather reports and instead of making a shopping list for the week, I try to plan meals for about 15 days during this time. Sometimes, it helps me save money too. This happens when I buy items in bulk which are offered in discount rates. However, I will not advise you to do this with perishable goods. Always check out the expiry date on the items as well as your meal plan to be sure that you’ll be able to consume the stuff within that time period.

I am sure many of you fear about the skyrocketing electricity bills during the winter season. If you love to set your thermostat at a slightly higher temperature this time, then we’re on the same boat. However, I would suggest that you do not increase the temperature much for 2 reasons – one being keeping your utility bill low and it is also not much advisable to stay in very warm weather all the time. Instead, wear a light jacket or a bright sweater, if you need, to keep yourself warm and uplift your mood.

Even with so much difficulties and watching snow for so many years, I still love watching the first snowfall of the season, the greenery and fall colors changing into white beauty, red birds sitting quietly on snow covered trees, the flurries on my face, the footprints on light snow, and so on.

Lastly, I would like to wish that all of you remain safe and stay indoors when required. Always follow the weather forecast and please don’t drive when it’s not advisable. Let’s all be safe and enjoy the privilege of staying at a place where we can witness the changing color of seasons.

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